Final candidate listing for the 2020 Special Primary for Maryland’s 7th Congressional District

The filing deadline for the 2020 Special Primary for Maryland’s 7th Congressional District was yesterday and now we have a final listing of candidates running…here is that listing:

Republican: (8 candidates)

  • Anderson, Christopher M.
  • Arnold, James C.
  • Bly, Ray
  • Brown, Brian L.
  • Hawkins, Reba A.
  • Klacik, Kimberly
  • Matory, Liz
  • Newton, William

Democrat: (24 candidates)

  • Baker, T. Dan
  • Branch, Talmadge
  • Brown, Alicia D.
  • Carter, Anthony Sr.
  • Carter, Jill P.
  • Chullin, Matko Lee III
  • Cohen, Jay Fred
  • Costley Sr, Nathaniel
  • Cummings, Maya Rockeymoore
  • Davidson, Jermyn
  • Gonzalez, Darryl
  • Gosnell, Mark Steven
  • Grant, Leslie E.
  • Hiegel, Dan
  • Higginbotham, F Michael
  • Hill, Terri
  • Jay Jalisi
  • Konka, Paul V.
  • Mfume, Kweisi
  • Petrus, Adrian
  • Rabb, Saafir A.
  • Smith, Charles U.
  • Spikes, Harry
  • Stokes, Charles

A total of 32 candidates running (8 Republicans and 24 Democrats). For some reason this morning the link on the MBOE site is missing 3 Dem candidates (Jay Jalisi, Nathaniel Costley Sr, and Dan Hiegel)…hopefully they get that updated soon.

Here are the important dates to remember going forward:

  • The special primary election will occur on February 4, 2020, 76 days from the filing deadline.
  • The special general election will occur on April 28, 2020—the same date as the state’s spring primary.

I have been asked who will I support or who do I think may win this race. There are so many candidates I have yet to pick a favorite and it is super early to start picking who I think will win just yet. I do think there are 2 Republicans that I think are the front runners on that side and 5 Democrats that I think are the front runners on that side…but to early to put out names yet.

I will continue to watch this race closely…and report on activities and events that happen here in Howard County.

Scott E

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