The filing deadline for the 2020 Special Primary for Maryland’s 7th Congressional District was yesterday and now we have a final listing of candidates running…here is that listing:

Republican: (8 candidates)

  • Anderson, Christopher M.
  • Arnold, James C.
  • Bly, Ray
  • Brown, Brian L.
  • Hawkins, Reba A.
  • Klacik, Kimberly
  • Matory, Liz
  • Newton, William

Democrat: (24 candidates)

  • Baker, T. Dan
  • Branch, Talmadge
  • Brown, Alicia D.
  • Carter, Anthony Sr.
  • Carter, Jill P.
  • Chullin, Matko Lee III
  • Cohen, Jay Fred
  • Costley Sr, Nathaniel
  • Cummings, Maya Rockeymoore
  • Davidson, Jermyn
  • Gonzalez, Darryl
  • Gosnell, Mark Steven
  • Grant, Leslie E.
  • Hiegel, Dan
  • Higginbotham, F Michael
  • Hill, Terri
  • Jay Jalisi
  • Konka, Paul V.
  • Mfume, Kweisi
  • Petrus, Adrian
  • Rabb, Saafir A.
  • Smith, Charles U.
  • Spikes, Harry
  • Stokes, Charles

A total of 32 candidates running (8 Republicans and 24 Democrats). For some reason this morning the link on the MBOE site is missing 3 Dem candidates (Jay Jalisi, Nathaniel Costley Sr, and Dan Hiegel)…hopefully they get that updated soon.

Here are the important dates to remember going forward:

  • The special primary election will occur on February 4, 2020, 76 days from the filing deadline.
  • The special general election will occur on April 28, 2020—the same date as the state’s spring primary.

I have been asked who will I support or who do I think may win this race. There are so many candidates I have yet to pick a favorite and it is super early to start picking who I think will win just yet. I do think there are 2 Republicans that I think are the front runners on that side and 5 Democrats that I think are the front runners on that side…but to early to put out names yet.

I will continue to watch this race closely…and report on activities and events that happen here in Howard County.

Scott E