A community resident (Grant Vix) has put together updated maps based on the last Howard County Board of Education redistricting work session. Here is a post he made about it online:

I put together a few more maps to help me understand what is happening. My original became really busy with all the layers, so I broke it out by level.





You can search by polygon number or address. If you see anything you think is a mistake, please let me know; some of the documents are in conflict. In those cases, I tried to find the motion and listen to it myself.


(note – I added the screenshots above to make this post a bit more visual)

I have not seen official maps from the HCPSS yet in advance of the Howard County Board of Education vote scheduled for tomorrow. If they exist somewhere…let me know in the comments. If they are not out yet…hopefully they are released (as well as all other information I am looking for) in advance of the vote on the 21st.

I want to give a big shout out to Grant Vix for working on these maps throughout the redistricting process. It is a lot of work and I know I have found it really helpful. Thank you!!!

I would highly recommend sharing this post to the various social media channels and various Facebook groups for maximum outreach to our community. It will be important that everyone know where things stand in advance of the vote.

Scott E


    • Those were created by the same person that created the maps in the article. Those are not the official HCPSS created maps.

    • Polygon 64 is joining River hill, future site of Robinson Overlook, all low income housing, guaranteed to increase FARM rates. Construction is started and will be complete in 1-2 years. I would think that doesn’t mean they won…?

    • Oh grow up Jimmy, not everything is zero sum, win-lose. Do not view this as a football game, where it is us vs. them. Instead, work with your neighbors, those concerned river hill parents. Show them why swapping your schools with theirs will be good for everyone…. then maybe they will get on board with you.

      • No, when dealing with limited resources (spots in a given school), it most definitely is a zero sum game. The people protesting around River Hill non-stop for the past three months would seem to agree with this take.

        If you were to take a map and figure out how to move 10% of students around with as little disruption as possible to the River Hill and Centennial cachments, it would look like the maps approved.

      • Please tell everyone how to be a good little socialist. Don’t ever impose your moralistic bs on concerned parents.

    • Stability in their cachments at the expense of others. Look at the original, superintendents, and most recent maps to see the changes.

  1. This entire plan is an abortion, nearly $9k in property tax a year for this mismanagement and incompetence. How is it justifiable to take students less than a half-mile from a high school, so close the bus doesn’t go there and then bus them 20 minutes to another high school. That’s what passes for “equality” now? Laughable, this County Board of Education is complete joke.

  2. James and Avery. Those comments were not very nice. Please google the “back fire effect.” Comments such as yours only serves to entrench your opposition. Delicate persuasion is the only tool that changes minds. That is unless of course, you are using the comment section simply as a therapy session to vent.

  3. Please tell everyone how to be a good little socialist. Don’t ever impose your moralistic bs on concerned parents.

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