Walk And Rally For “ONE DORSEY HALL” On November 17th

The following information was announced via press release:


1 pm on Sunday, November 17, 2019


Close Knit, Walkable and Bikeable Community Unite for Walk & Rally Through Pathways to Neighborhood Schools

Contact: Email onedorseyhall@gmail.com, Twitter @onedorseyhall

WHO: OneDorseyHall: The united parents, students, and residents of Dorsey Hall, joined by their supporters from the communities of Northfield Elementary and Dunloggin Middle Schools. Over half of our Dorsey Hall Polygons are proposed to be moved: 148, 1148, 2148, 276, 302.

A statement voted on by the Northfield Parent-Teacher Association will be read by a PTA member.

WHAT: March that follows the community pathways that children in Dorsey Hall use to walk and bike to Northfield Elementary School and Dunloggin Middle School.

WHEN: Sunday, Nov. 17 at 1 pm.

WHERE: March starting at the Dorsey Search Village Center, 4725 Dorsey Hall Drive, and ending at Northfield Elementary and Dunloggin Middle Schools, 9125-9129 Northfield Rd, Ellicott City, MD 21042.

Ellicott City, MD – Coming together to celebrate the close-knit community of Dorsey Hall, OneDorseyHall will hold a large community walk and rally where we walk through the pathways that connect our homes to Northfield Elementary and Dunloggin Middle Schools.

Following the BOE’s rejection of the Howard County Schools Superintendent’s redistricting plan, Dorsey Hall Polygons 148, 1148, 2148, 276, 302 were suddenly, and without opportunity for public comment, selected for unnecessary moves which created an artificial over capacity situation at Northfield Elementary. Dorsey Hall was reunited 7 years ago, when these polygons returned to NES from Thunder Hill Elementary. Since those moves, the Dorsey Hall community has become a contiguous neighborhood, a walking and biking community strongly connected to our close neighborhood schools.


Scott E

(Note – image taken from Twitter account of OneDorseyHall).

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