Photos from rallies on November 16th related to HCPSS redistricting

There were two big rallies in Howard County on November 16th relating to the HCPSS redistricting proposals: Pointer United held one at noon and the Opposition to Redistricting Howard County Schools held one at two pm. Here are photos from those events:

Pointer United Rally:

I was unable to attend the Pointers United rally but the photos in the album were sent to me by that group.

Opposition to Redistricting Howard County Schools Rally: (held at the Howard County fairgrounds)

This was the BIG rally that got local press coverage from WBAL and WMAR. I was able to attend and get a lot of photos.

WBAL interview:

WMAR interview:

I have seen that the estimate was around 1,300 people attended. I think that number may be accurate based on what I saw at the event. I know it felt like a lot of people for a cold Saturday afternoon in western Howard County.

I did personally see a couple of elected officials at the big rally yesterday: Howard County Council Member David Yungmann and Maryland State Delegate Trent Kittleman. I also noticed that the three members that have filed to run for HoCoBOE in 2020 were all at the event yesterday (Larry Pretlow, II, Matt Levine and Saif Rehman).

Another rally is planned for today from One Dorsey Hall.

It would not surprise me if other events / rallies are scheduled this week in advance of the scheduled vote on November 21st.

Speaking of November 21st…there was a proposal to add more work sessions and more time from HoCoBOE member Cutroneo. That should be interesting to see play out at the meeting on November 18th.

Stay tuned…I will continue to follow the progress of all of the happenings in our county.

Scott E

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