Guest Post: BoE’s principle to “desegregate” – ALIENATE….!!!

The Neighborhoods in Howard county are a mere Polygon or a number for the BOE.  This redistricting season , the neighborhoods/communities are even less. The new plan to “desegregate” is “alienate”.

While one of the main goal of BoE was not to split the communities and impact children, it looks like they started alienating neighborhoods out of the polygon to send it to a school of their choice.

This happened on the Board Meeting on Thursday Nov 14th. The residents of Simpson Mill Community across Robinson Nature Center in Columbia have attended the board meeting in support of Polygon # 130. To our dismay, a motion was passed (4-3) to just assign Simpson Mill Town home community in Polygon#130 from CCES to Swansfield ES. There is no valid rationale behind this.

Polygon 130 is in the plan eleventh hour and we had no time to express our concerns and have the board hear our testimony.

It was thought that this is a couple year old neighborhood. Ms. Mallo mentioned that it is fairly new town home community. Did the BoE start segregating based on the type of housing?  They did not have the right information to start with.

Our neighborhood is nearly 7 years old with no new constructions / phases since last few years.

It is also thought that the neighborhood doesn’t have deep ties to CCES community.  We are a diverse neighborhood with a good percentage of students coming from immigrant families owing to their background. We may not have the “deep roots” BoE desires but the children in our community (since 2012) are currently involved with Clemens ES at every grade level and have gone through the entire school in the time our neighborhood has existed.

Children & parents have formed amazing friends & family network over last 7 years via CCES and they have several activities inside and outside of school including birthdays, Girls/Boy scout programs, Halloween costume parties, book clubs, swim teams, science fair projects, art projects and several more to list.

There are kids in our neighborhood whose mom (and their 4 siblings) and dad went to Clemens Crossing 20 years ago and they bought a home in Simpson Mill to be a part of CCES family.  We have the staff living in the neighborhood and the residents have been active members of the PTA organization as well.

Also, this change is too big for several little kids who started KG/1st grade at CCES in 2019 as they are just transitioning from pre-school.

It is unacceptable that our neighborhood has been ostracized.This brings insecurity to the residents and the neighborhood will disrupt.

We need the BoE to reconsider this and make a new motion to reverse the decision made at the 11/14 working session to separate the Simpson Mill Hometown community from polygon #130.

We are a part of CCES !!!

Here is the Saturday 11/15 WBAL TV 6:00 pm news coverage including Simpsonmill community voice.

Here is a video where kids from our community want to hear their voice against this move

Simpsonmill Townhome Community.


Article provide by Harini Nalam

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