HoCoBOE Member Vicky Cutroneo requests adding more work sessions and/or extend the timeline regarding HCPSS redistricting

The following message was shared on Facebook earlier today:

From: Vicky Cutroneo <Vicky_Cutroneo@hcpss.org>
Sent: Saturday, November 16, 2019 10:05 AM
To: BoE Email <boe@hcpss.org>
Subject: Redistricting work sessions


I am deeply concerned about continuing to make decisions that are not fully informed/vetted, rushed and made late at night in order to satisfy a timeline.

I have had several in person and telephone conversations with each of you and the Superintendent about my concerns so my formal request should come as no surprise. Ms Delmont-Small asked about extending the timeline weeks ago at a work session and the idea was immediately dismissed.

I’m formally requesting that we add more work sessions and/or extend the timeline. I am asking for reconsideration and your flexibility.

I am well aware of the implications and I’d appreciate each of my colleagues to share your thoughts and ideas.

Vicky Cutroneo
Howard County Board of Education


I hope the idea of additional work sessions and extending the time is not “immediately dismissed” this time around. Based on what I have seen and heard it may very well be needed at this point.

I have to admit I am still confused where things stand and still have not seen an update map for HS, MS or ES from the school system with ALL of the proposed changes. Is that not an important thing to see before a final decision is made?

This will be a key item to watch at the upcoming HoCoBOE meeting on November 18th.

Scott E

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