I was invited to Clemens Crossing Elementary School by a parent to see the protest of the current Howard County Public School System (HCPSS) redistricting plans by the Howard County Board of Education (HoCoBOE) that may affect that school. Now nothing is set in stone until the vote on the 21st…but these parents and students are concerned about how their school may be affected by the plans being discussed….here are some photos of what happened yesterday:

Click the image above to view all of the photos from the event.

There is nothing easy about the redistricting process…not for those “elected” to make the decisions and not for those in our community that will have to live with those decisions.

Obviously those in this community “those with kids today at CCES” are not thrilled with what is happening with the some of the various HoCoBOE decisions when it comes to their school and they are concerned enough to have a get together to show how they feel.

It is sad that some in our community will take this event and these photos out of context and call it something it is not…these are just parents wanting their kids to stay in their local community school (that is what I saw yesterday)…but I am sure others in our community will call it something else (because I have seen it from them with other similar events).

I had some great conversations with people yesterday that are very concerned about this redistricting process. I seriously hope our board of education members are having similar conversations with people in our community.

The 2020 elections for HoCoBOE are right around the corner…one has to wonder how the decisions made in this process will affect that election cycle…I am betting it will be significant.

Stay tuned folks…I will follow this process and the decisions made until the end.

Scott E


  1. Thanks Scott! There were many of us at the gathering yesterday that don’t have kids at Clemens Crossing anymore. We aren’t only concerned with the proposed movement in and out of Clemens Crossing Elementary School, we are upset with the last minute proposals of certain BOE members that would gut our schools and communities without sufficient notice or opportunity to react. There have been so many changes to the proposals over the last 2 1/2 weeks! My polygon 133 was never mentioned until that point and it has since gone in and out several times. We know we aren’t alone. There are many communities (we are more than just our polygon number) that are in a similar situation. We are getting frustrated with having a single email address to submit our written testimonies (yes plural, because I’m sure I am not the only one who has submitted repeated missives to the BOE). We do not get a response to our statements, nor do we get answers to our questions. So while our gathering yesterday may not have been perfect, it was our heartwarming attempt to do something different to be seen by the BOE. We pulled this together in less that 8 hours. We are a close knit community and we couldn’t just stand by – even if our kids no longer are at Clemens Crossing – CCES is still the heart of our community. While I agree with you Scott, that sadly there will be some groups that will try to cast it in a different light than it was intended, I still encourage the other communities who are being threatened under the current iteration of the redistricting proposal to do SOMETHING let the BOE know that you are unhappy with this process. This also extends to those of you who are not on the “list” because there are 6 days until the vote on the 21st and you could end up on it. Thank you again Scott for coming out to cover our gathering yesterday. Thank you to everyone who braved the cold and came out. We didn’t scream, we didn’t yell. It was great meeting new friends and reconnecting with old friends!

  2. At this point I’m convinced we need a law that forces them to choose a plan made by the professionals. Ask the BOE to come up with the top 3 policy priorities, and the pros then come up with all 6 permutations if ordering those three. Then the community talks about those plans, knowing they won’t change, and finally a choice is made and it doesn’t reek of “pay to play”

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