I am betting this get talked about over the next few months…legislation proposed by Delegate Warren Miller (District 9A) that would / may limit developer contributions to the Howard County Executive and members of the Howard County Council:

Howard County – Ethics – Limit on Developer Contributions, Ho. Co. 15-20
By: Delegate Miller

FOR the purpose of repealing existing provisions of law related to developer contributions in Howard County; prohibiting an applicant or applicant’s agent from making a payment to a member of the Howard County Council, the Howard County Executive, or a slate that includes a member of the County Council or the County Executive during the pendency of a certain application; prohibiting a member of the Howard County Council from voting or participating in a proceeding on a certain application if certain payments were received during a certain period; requiring an applicant to file an affidavit disclosing certain information related to payments involving a member of the County Council; requiring an agent of an applicant to file an affidavit under certain circumstances; repealing certain definitions; and generally relating to public ethics and Howard County.



This proposed legislation will be discussed on November 19th.

The legislation is not online this morning so I do not have any specifics to the proposed legislation: VIEW HERE…so that is a bit of a bummer this morning.

I can not wait to hear the discussions on this legislation and see the votes.

I also can not wait to see what folks in our community think of this proposed legislation. Should make for some fun reading on social media.

I wonder why other political positions are not part of this legislation (like board of education or any of the court house positions)? Just something that occurred to me after reading the summary above.

Stay tuned…this one is on my radar for the upcoming legislative session in Annapolis.

Scott E


  1. Can’t wait to get Courtney Watson’s take on this. She was a heavy hitter in developer donations during her time on the County Council. How much of this developer cash is hidden or otherwise not reported?

  2. Maybe, our state legislators should put this type of restrictions on themselves.

    Maybe, our state legislators should not vote on (or create) bills that would benefit the ones that contributed heavily to their campaign. For example, Atterbeary who is on the judiciary committee not vote on bills that benefit law firms, anti-gun groups and large corporations.

    They may deny it but all of our elected officials help the groups that contributed to their campaigns.

  3. I don’t know how this could pass muster under Citizens United and related case law (where money = speech) but yes, it sounds like the better approach could be changing Ethical rules level, for all elected officials at all levels of government.

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