Howard County Will Host 2020 National Women’s Cricket Tournament

Announced via press release:

County Executive Ball Announces Howard County Will Host 2020 National Women’s Cricket Tournament

Howard County Executive Calvin Ball has announced that the 2020 National Women’s Cricket Tournament will be held in Howard County. The tournament will be held from July 12 to July 15, 2020 by the Howard County Cricket League, in partnership with Howard County Department of Recreation & Parks and the United States Youth Cricket Association (USYCA). The 4-day event is offering seven 20/20 matches per team and a minimum two teams are expected to be Junior girls (age 15 and under). The tournament will also feature some of the top women players in the United States. Matches will be held at Schooley Mill Park in Highland and Murray Hill Middle School in Laurel.

“Even in sports, diversity is Howard County’s strength. The 2020 National Women’s Cricket Tournament will bring some of the very best athletes in the country to our community,” said Ball. “I encourage longtime fans of cricket, as well as new fans looking to broaden their horizons, to come enjoy this event. With the best parks in the nation, our County is a perfect fit to host a world-class tournament.”

“Visit Howard County and its Board of Directors look forward to working with the Department and Howard County Executive Calvin Ball in welcoming the 2020 National Women’s Cricket Tournament,” said Amanda Hof, Executive Director of Visit Howard County. “This is a huge win for Howard County and a testament Howard County Department of Recreation & Park’s ability to construct and maintain world-class facilities and to seek out quality events. With 70 teams, their coaches, and respective friends and family this event has the potential to generate well over 1.5 million dollars in booked hotel rooms and visitor spending in Howard County in just four days.”

“I never thought that we would be playing Cricket in the USA when I immigrated back in 2001, but with the help of Howard County Recreation & Parks, look where we are now!” said Falgun Patel of the Howard County Cricket League. “HCCL is very excited about this tournament and looking forward to providing the best experience to the girls and women playing Cricket on the best Howard County Cricket Grounds.”


Scott E

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  1. Really cool – this is an amazing sport from across the ocean and bringing this kind of event to HoCo really spreads the word about what an amazing county we have.


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