Columbia Resident T. Dan Baker Files To Run In Maryland’s 7th Congressional District

T. Dan Baker from Columbia Maryland has filed to run in the upcoming special election in Maryland’s 7th Congressional District.

I reached out to the candidate and he sent me the following information:

Who can replace Congressman Elijah Cummings? 

The short answer is no one.

Congressman Cummings will be remembered as champion and true believer in the ‘idea of America’ and American Democracy.  Any American seeking to succeed this “mentor, civil rights activist and stalwart advocate for Baltimore” (Baltimore Sun) and District 7 will be required to not only bring an ‘A Game’ but heart, passion, smarts, tenacity, creative thought, patriotism, and belief in a better tomorrow worthy of Rep. Cummings’ and District 7’s endorsement and respect.

No easy task, but to climb a mountain, one must take the first step.  Herein – with the utmost respect and appreciation for the work and legacy of Congressman Cummings – I humbly present myself as one citizen who will work to give it his all to rise to the challenge of following ‘a great’ as Maryland’s next Representative to District 7.

Who is ‘T Dan’ Baker?

A very concerned American citizen regarding the polarization of: race relations, corporate influence in government, US foreign policy, and climate change.

Son of a Navy Chaplain and high school Math teacher.  One of the first graduates of the Virginia Military Institute to join the Peace Corps.  Huge fan of JFK’s ‘can do’ vision supporting the ‘moonshot’ and ‘civil rights’.

A civilian veteran (Foreign Service) of Afghanistan, International Public Health professional, and recently returned Country Director of an infectious disease prevention and treatment program covering southern Turkey and northern Syria.

What I’m for?  THE TRUTH, Rule of Law, and a less polarized America

Re. Race Relations:
• A 21st Century Civil Rights Act – covering all races
• Reparations – For African & Native Americans

Re. Corporate Influence in Government:
• Repeal of Citizens United – Ending government for hire
• Term Limits – 16 years total time in Congress

Re. US Foreign Policy:
• End Permanent War Economy – Tanks vs. Terrorists doesn’t work
• A 21st Century National Security Act – Phasing out redundant services

Re. Climate Change: 

Vision for District 7

A socio-economic and ethnically diverse, ‘front of the wave’, model for a “Green America” resulting in greater employment and clean energy production.

District 7 objective(s):

• Establish the first “100% renewables electric supply” municipality (to include all Households and Businesses) in the United States
• Reduce unemployment, homelessness, and crime by recruiting and training workers into the “GREEN AMERICA” renewable energy initiativeIn establishing the first 100% renewables only US municipality in District 7, what is required first and foremost is citizen and distributor incentives to convert from fossil fuel based electric supply to renewables only supply.  To be clear, several outside companies have attempted this in District 7 in the past, but households remain hesitant to switch their electricity supply for fear of a mishap in billing or getting stuck with an incorrect increase in cost.  *As a point of fact, renewable energy costs per kilowatt hour are typically 3 to 5 cents less than that of fossil fuel based supply.Developing a model for the “GREEN AMERICA” renewable energy employment initiative in District 7 will require integrated investment in both rural (solar array and wind turbine component manufacturing) and urban (grid conversion, electricity storage, and installation) development.  To attract such investments will require incentives – for small and large businesses alike – in the form of favorable terms of land use and taxation so that existing and startup green manufacturing companies can in turn offer attractive and favorable terms to their employees.As Representative for District 7, I would work with local communities and all levels of Maryland state and local government: first, to identify the economic and environmental benefits of conversion to ‘renewables only’ for municipal electric supply; second, to move such popular initiatives forward while overcoming key roadblocks to making such a conversion successful; and third, to entreat and lobby the US Congress to provide support for this cutting edge, first of its kind, state and locally run, initiative.My name is T Dan Baker and I will do my level best to live up to the high standards established by Rep. Cummings in hopes of one day earning the endorsement and respect of my fellow citizens in District 7.”


As of this post Baker has not launched his campaign website or social media channels (I expect those will be coming soon)

Other candidates that have filed to run in #MD07 include:


  • Christopher M. Anderson
  • Ray Bly
  • Reba A. Hawkins
  • Liz Matory
  • William Newton


  • T. Dan Baker
  • Darryl Gonzalez
  • Mark Steven Gosnell (from Elkridge)
  • Charles U. Smith
  • Del. Talmadge Branch (announced but not filed yet)

I have heard of one or two other names from Howard County that are considering getting into the race for Maryland’s 7th Congressional District.

This may shape up to be a pretty large field at the end of it all.

Some important dates to remember:

  • Certificates of candidacy may be filed beginning on October 30, 2019.
  • The deadline for nomination papers to be filed is November 20, 2019, and the deadline for candidate withdrawal is November 22, 2019.
  • The special primary election will occur on February 4, 2020, 76 days from the filing deadline.
  • The special general election will occur on April 28, 2020—the same date as the state’s spring primary.

Candidates have 17 more days to file their paperwork…so expect to start seeing more names next week.

I am sure to have follow up articles about the race for Maryland’s 7th Congressional District in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

Scott E

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