Howard County Executive Calvin Ball Announces New Housing Master Plan, Task Force

Howard County Executive Calvin Ball announced the new Housing Opportunities Master Plan process, the first in over a decade. The process will include hiring an independent consultant to find potential approaches in housing, including ways to expand homeownership opportunities and ensure a sustainable future of housing in Howard County. Ball also signed an Executive Order to form a Housing Opportunities Master Plan Task Force, comprised of a diverse group of community members and stakeholders who will ensure an inclusive, transparent, community-driven process. Photos of the event can be found here. Video can be found here.

“Housing is a critical issue for the future of Howard County and in order to choose the best path forward for all, we need to be informed decision makers. When I took office, Howard County had not created a comprehensive Master Plan on housing affordability needs in over a decade. I am proud to announce a new Housing Opportunities Master Plan process and Task Force to make the critical determination around what is actually working, and what needs to be improved,” said Ball. “Our Master Plan will help us answer the fundamental questions to begin our community conversation: What is the current state of our housing needs and what is the best path forward to serve all our residents? Together, we will find the answers and make Howard County a great home for families today and tomorrow.”

The plan is envisioned to take approximately one year to complete so that the County can consider Fiscal Year 2022 budget investments, based on the recommendations. The steps of the Housing Opportunities Master Plan process include:

  1. Data Collection
  2. Outreach
  3. Explore Approaches in Other Jurisdictions
  4. Identify Options
  5. Conduct Application Projections and Assessments
  6. Finalizing the Plan
  7. Composing and Presenting the Final Report
  8. Post-Project Implementation Review

The Housing Opportunities Master Plan Task Force will provide a local understanding of the broader issues concerning housing needs and they will promote public involvement during the development of the Master Plan. The Task Force members include:

  • Paul Casey
  • Pat Sylvester
  • Jennifer Broderick
  • David Nitkin
  • Paula Seabright
  • Steve Breeden
  • Brian McLaughlin
  • Maria Miller
  • Roger Barnes
  • Leonardo McClarty
  • Joan Driessen
  • Mavis Ellis
  • Brent Loveless
  • Bill McCormack
  • Anne Brinker
  • Cindy Parr
  • Kevin Kelehan
  • Erica Byrne
  • Victoria Hathaway
  • Dr. Caroline Harper
  • Ana Cisneros
  • Linda Wengel
  • Phyllis Zolotorow


I look forward to seeing what comes next from this task force.

Scott E

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  1. “I look forward to seeing what comes next from this task force.”

    Let me give you a sneak preview: nothing of substance.


  2. How many, other than Mavis from his Church. It is good to have the BOE represented in this group. Perhaps she will lend some insight to the situation that DPZ has created in the school system.


    • I doubt that, Mavis is on the same page with Calvin Ball on more development including more affordable housing which will eventually bankrupt our public school system.

      Yes, they create a problem regardless of opposition from residents, then turn around play god, and claim the county residents ,who do not want their kids have extra 30-40 mins on bus ride everyday, are bad people in the name of ‘against equity’.

      To be FOR ‘Equity’,
      1. you have to say Yes to all the development,
      2. you have to happily send your children to 10 different schools through the 12 years of education,
      3. you need to persuade yourself an hour each day on school bus is part of children’s normal life from now on,
      4. you need to cheer for the coming tax hike in order to keep our teachers in their position and our school running,
      5. at the same time, you have to save to hire private tutors for your own children since only 15% budget is now spent on curriculum.

      Before we know it, people start to move out because of overcrowding, hike in tax, deteriorate of public school. Howard county then becomes a totally different place.

      Save my words, let’s look back again in 10 years. Good luck Everyone!


      • I share the same concerns, Jessie. Ball/Rigby/Mavis gang will eventually bankrupt the county with the over-develop/over-spend/over-tax plans. In the end, they will move on to higher political offices (in state, federal levels), while HoCo residents foot the bills.
        People in this county needs to wake up!


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