View Maps Of Redistricting Proposals From HoCoBOE Members Chao Wu and Jen Mallo

Thanks to Grant Vix we now can view maps of the recent redistricting proposals from Howard County Board of Education members Chao Wu and Jen Mallo.

These proposals were made at the HoCoBOE meeting on October 28th and then the polygon numbers were posted online by each HoCoBOE member. Here are the proposals via polygon number:

Chao Wu posted the following:

Jen Mallo posted the following (3 images of recommendations):

Grant Vix posted the following link and comment on Facebook this morning:

I created a map for both BOE members plans as presented at the meeting on Monday:…

Please let me know if you see any errors. I input all the changes by hand and my eyes were getting tired by the end.


Take a look at the maps…it will help give you a better understanding of the new proposals submitted earlier this week.

BIG thanks to Grant for putting this together for the community.

Scott E

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  1. The map is very helpful! There is at least one change needed though – the colors for Bollman Bridge ES and Guilford ES are the same for the Mallo plan (both green). Please ask Grant Vix to change one of the school colors so you can distinguish the boundaries.


    • Actually they are all there in the maps…just click the “layers” button on the maps link and you can switch from HS to MS to ES for all of the plans submitted up to this point.


      • Oh the maps make my head hurt (especially this early in the morning) 🙂 – I was just looking at your charts! Thanks for keeping up with all of this though – it’s greatly appreciated with all of the constant chaos!


    • I meant all of the ES and MS recommendations – he has three charts as well on his blog and not all of these changes are reflected in your one chart above. For instance my polygon is currently on his move list but it isn’t listed above.


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