Opposition To Redistricting Howard County Schools Rally On November 16th

There is one final rally planned for those opposing the HCPSS redistricting plan…it will happen on November 16th at 2:00pm at the Howard County Fairgrounds. Here is the flyer for that event:

The objective from the flyer reads:

OBJECTIVE: To come together as a County to oppose the current plan for the redistricting of Howard County Schools. Our numbers will be recorded to show unity of, We the People, who oppose the break-up of our communities through extended indiscriminate busing of our children. We stand for the welfare of every single child in Howard County and urge our Board of Education to consider existing alternate plans to resolve overcrowding. Our stance represents our will and our plea for our Board of Education to:

vote down the current Superintendent’s plan.


It will be interesting to see how many people show up for this event on the 16th. If additional details are released about the event…I will update this article.

Scott E

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