Senator Clarence Lam and Delegate Eric Ebersole introduced bills aimed at clarifying school district assignments to Howard County home buyers

Announced on social media:

Howard County State Legislators file Bills to Clarify School District Assignments for Home Buyers

Howard County, MD — October 21, 2019 — Senator Clarence Lam and Delegate Eric Ebersole introduced bills with the Howard County Delegation today aimed at clarifying school district assignments to Howard County home buyers.

Senator Lam has filed a bill (HoCo 04-20) for consideration by the Howard County Delegation in the 2020 legislation session that will require all county home buyers be notified that they are not assured any specific school assignment through the inclusion of a disclaimer at the time of home purchase closing.

Delegate Ebersole has introduced a bill (HoCo 2-20) to prohibit the identification of a specific school assignment in any advertising for real estate or new residential construction in Howard County.

“It’s clear from the Board of Education’s redistricting hearings that there is a misconception among homeowners that school district assignments will never change,” said Senator Lam. “That’s just not possible because redistricting is a necessary process to address overcrowded schools. HoCo 04-20 makes this clear: Howard County home buyers are assured their children will be enrolled in one of the many great schools of the Howard County Public School System, not in any specific schools.”

HoCo 04-20 will require the addition of the following disclaimer into the Howard County addendum at the time of closing for any real property purchase:

NOTICE TO HOME BUYER REGARDING HOWARD COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICTS: By signing this addendum, the Buyer acknowledges that the Howard County Public School System (HCPSS) schools designated for this property are subject to change at any time. The Buyer has no assurance that the current HCPSS school assignments for this property (commonly known as the school district) will remain in effect for any period of time. The Howard County Board of Education periodically reviews and amends the school boundaries for each school and is ultimately responsible for any changes to the assigned schools and their boundaries.

HoCo 02-20 will prohibit real estate brokers, agents, or salespersons from advertising the name of the school district or specific schools in which a residential property is located or a new home construction is being built.

“This practice of limiting what may ultimately turn out to be misleading advertising is already advocated by Howard County realtors,” said Delegate Ebersole. “HoCo 02-20 will seek to codify and formalize the practice to ensure even implementation among home sellers and builders. It is important to help ensure that buyers have a clear and honest picture about their purchase.”

The Howard County Delegation has scheduled a public hearing on these and all local bills beginning at 7:00pm on November 19, 2019 at the George Howard Building.


See the post made on social media and the images of the wording of the legislation here:

This should make for some interesting discussion locally. Stay tuned for additional information.

Scott E

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  1. Well done, Clarence and Eric! Scott, thank you so for producing this blog. It’s a valuable resource for our community and I appreciate what you so.


  2. This proposal is good for nobody! If this bill is passed, which means no residents can expect your will have a designated school and your kids maybe moved by these politicians any time any where, whatever they want.


  3. when redcently approaching Senator Lam regarding his thoughts on the redistricting issues currently ongoing in Howard County…he laughed and assured me that this was not something that he could be involved in…..I insisted that he could and should because as things are going now the majority of tax paying folks in the area appear to be very up set and firmly against how this is being addressed….mmmm and now this bill. Perhaps these folks in District 12 will think many times over at the ballot box down the road when faced with Delegates Ebersole, Hill, and Senator Lam….now sure about the third Delagate…….but do know that Delegate Hill told me she is very much for the redistricting effort….. my response was the big problem folks are seeing is HOW the redistricting issues are being addressed against the will of so many voters…..mmmm


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