I was able to attend the Elizabeth Cook and Will Hoge show on October 20th at The Soundry in Columbia. I totally understand why that show was sold out.

Will Hoge opened the show…and he was fantastic:

His music was good and the stories in between the songs were so funny. If you are not familiar with his music…here is a short video clip:


Next Elizabeth Cook took to the stage…I loved her music as well:

If you are not familiar with her music…here is a short video clip:

Here are photos I took while at the event (click image below to see all images on Facebook).

Some images taken with my camera and others taken with my phone. I was not sure which would do better in the space and lighting…so I gave both a shot.

I totally hope these two visit the area again sometime in the future. I would attend that show.

This was my first visit to The Soundry…but will not be my last. It was a really good venue for shows.

Scott E