Upcoming Interview With Forward Maryland Podcast On October 20th

I am scheduled to be on the Forward Maryland Podcast on October 20th. Here is a promo for that show (that was recorded on October 15th from Episode 57 of Forward Maryland):

I was a guest on Forward Maryland back in May of 2019. I enjoyed being on the show and said I was happy to be back on the show anytime.

Since I was last on the show…Bill Woodcock has added a recurring co-host (Jason Booms). They are both scheduled to be on the show on Sunday (October 20th)…so that should be an interesting twist this time around.

I expect the primary topic we will be discussing is HCPSS redistricting…what is happening, what is being reported, where I actually stand on the issue and other items related to that topic. Of course with the three of us…you never know what other topics we might get into while together.

Be sure to give Forward Maryland a listen from time to time: https://53beersontap.typepad.com/forward_maryland/.

Also on October 20th I am scheduled to be at The Soundry in Columbia to catch the Elizabeth Cook and Will Hoge show. I will get lots of photos of the event and maybe an interview with Will Hoge before the show. That should be a lot of fun.

Sunday will be a busy day for me.

Scott E

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