Announced via press release:

County Executive Calvin Ball To Make Major Forest Conservation Announcement 

SAVAGE, MD – Tomorrow, Howard County Executive Calvin Ball will announce major updates to the Howard County Forest Conservation Act, which has not been updated since the 1990s, to bring it into compliance with state law and strengthen environmental regulation. The Maryland Forest Conservation Act was created to minimize the loss of Maryland’s forest resources during land development by making the identification and protection of forests an integral part of the site planning process. Ball’s updates will ensure County compliance, increase forest retention and replanting, reduce use of fee-in-lieu, and improve safeguards for the environment.

“Our forests are critical to our natural ecosystems, powerful tools in the fight against climate change, and a necessity for human life,” said Ball. “The state of Maryland passed the Forest Conservation Act to safeguard our forest resources during land development. I firmly believe it is our responsibility to finally make sure Howard County is not only compliant with this legislation, but that we also go further. We must ensure that the future of development in Howard County is smarter, more transparent, and more environmentally conscious. Today, we take a major step forward to protect our forests and our future.”

WHAT:           Announcement of major updates to development regulations to protect forests


WHEN:           Thursday, October 17th at 3:00 p.m. 2:30 p.m

WHERE:        Savage Park, at the covered picnic pavilion (8400 Fair Street, Savage, MD 20763)


An event in Savage…you do not see many of those…and dang it I have a conflicting meeting tomorrow so I may not make this one. Hopefully it is streamed online…or I will have to wait for the press release after the event is over.

I very much look forward to hearing this announcement and what it will mean for Howard County (and I am betting many others will be interested in this as well).

ARTICLE UPDATE: The time above may be wrong…the event might be at 2:30pm tomorrow (see the comment below on the blog). If I get an official announcement about a time change…I will update this article.

It is official….the time will be 2:30pm.

Scott E


  1. Apologies, the first invite went out with the incorrect time. The event will be at 2:30 pm! Same day, same place.

    Thursday, October 17th at 2:30 pm

    Savage Park
    8400 Fair St.
    Savage, MD 20763

    Joshua Feldmark
    Director, Howard County Office of Community Sustainability

    • Will the CE’s office issue an updated press release with a new time? Because I copied my information from their original press release.

      • Confusing. Might have to be at 3pm after all. Though Joshua Feldmark sent the correction on Saturday: from: Feldmark, Joshua
        to: “Arthurs, Maureen”
        date: Oct 12, 2019, 4:09 PM
        subject: CORRECTED TIME: Forest Conservation Announcement Thursday October 17th

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