So for those that do not remember…Oakland Mills played Long Reach at the Oakland Mills homecoming game…and the two principals made an outstanding wager (Oakland Mills vs Long Reach – The Wager To Support Grassroots)…the loser gets duct taped to the other school and they would be selling strips of tape at $1.00 per piece to support Grassroots Crisis Intervention.

As many people know…Oakland Mills won that game 12 to 8.

Principal Josh Wasilewski (from Long Reach High) went to Oakland Mills High on October 10th to take his “punishment for charity”…here are some of my favorite posts about it on social media:

I have not seen how much money they raised for Grassroots…but based on the amount of tape in some of the photos I have seen (both private and public photos)…it was a decent mount.

Good job by both principals of both schools for making that game and the outcome fun for us to watch…and helpful for the community. I seriously hope that this sparks a new thing between schools around here to support charity…that would be fun.

Scott E