It is great to see other news agencies covering stories covered by the blog…like this one “CR134-2019 calls on those offering homes for sale in Howard County to omit references to schools and school zones in certain advertising“.

WJZ had this story on air last night:

What is awesome about this story is that Rachel Menitoff reached out to this blog in advance this being on air.

OK WJZ…you now have a super fan in this blog. Cover Howard County happenings…I will watch and talk about it here on my little local blog.

Talking about the blog…it will hit more than 325,000 views for the year later today (it is at 324,863 views as I write this article). Thanks again to all of the blog readers for reading the news and information I am sharing.

Scott E

(note – image is a screen shot from the show from the online video)


  1. Standardized test scores do NOT determine the intelligence of the child but they DO point to the socio economics of the child. There seems to be a large population of supposedly well educated parents in HoCo that don’t understand the tests or the purpose of these tests. After the recession, the real estate industry and developers started adding school district and testing data into their selling/buying information to “drive” the market. RttT (extortion of our tax dollars) came about which brought on more testing (through Common Core) and drove parents crazy in a competition of “my child is smarter than yours” and it has snow balled into the mess we have today. The tests were meant to show that public education is a failure in order to “drive” market forces….privatize a public good (public education) for vouchers/charter schools, to make testing companies a ton of money, and to push on line education for the tech industry(get rid of those pesky teachers and their nasty union). The school system added it’s part by test prepping children in “lower performing” schools instead of offering them a well rounded education and it didn’t work out so well….it seems that even test prepping doesn’t help raise standardized test scores without the background knowledge that a well rounded education offers. People in HoCo are big on the “we don’t want to be socially engineered” yet many have socially engineered themselves and they don’t even know it….they were snookered into buying bigger houses and paying higher taxes as a ruse to “drive” the market……the kids and their education was an after thought to the business leaders. The free market system is good at one thing….competition for buying and selling. A “public education” is NOT a good to be sold/purchased on the market. A public education benefits the community as a whole. Democracy (community) is about “WE”, Competition (free market) is about “ME” and we have to decide what we want as a county and make that happen for everyone.

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