Torrey Smith (a two-time Super Bowl champion, winning Super Bowl XLVII as a member of the Ravens and Super Bowl LII with the Eagles) took to Twitter and commented on the school redistricting happenings in Howard County. Here is what he tweeted:

Dear people of Howard County Maryland. You aren’t the first or last school district that will he rezoned. You will survive. Is it a change? Yes. Does it suck if you aren’t a JR? Yes. At the end of the day you will be alright. As a new minority in town. I love it.

The diversity in some of these areas (including the one I live in) sucks. Diversity and the quality of the school district is what attracted me to the county. Some of the letters and comments that I’ve read are disturbing. Some people are showing their true colors.

I had this happen my senior year of high school and it wasn’t the end of the world. The county is growing and schools are going to continue to be rezoned and built. Guess what? We all will survive and our kids will receive a quality education. Chill Out


Here are screen shots of the tweets:

I did not know Torrey Smith was living in Howard County. That is interesting news (at least I thought so).

The Howard County Board of Education will hear the next session of testimony on October 10th as part of the “Overflow Public Hearings” (Families currently zoned for Glenelg HS, Marriotts Ridge HS, Reservoir HS, River Hill HS) starting at 6:00pm. There are 105 people signed up to testify on the 10th.

Scott E


  1. Interesting? . . . I wonder where millionaire Torrey Smith will have his children attend, a howard county public school or a private school? Only time will tell, right?

  2. I can’t feel sorry for these Howard County liberals, after all, it’s you liberals that voted these nutbags into office. It was fun and games while you lived in your high-end communities, going to your good schools preaching down to the rest of us about the need for DIVERSITY!. Well, YOU GOT IT!!!! Now you will have “socioeconomic diversity.” This diversity will cause your property values to plummet, and your kids will now get bussed to gladiator academies. Meanwhile, the more impoverished kids get bussed to your neighborhood schools.

    Your Frankenstein’s monster has returned home, and he wants to sleep in your bed.:)

    • 100% agreed. . . But you know will happen now, the liberals that can afford to will move to a non liberal location, ruin that area and then pick up and go to another location and on and on and on. . . Look at Montgomery County. . . They are like cockroaches.

  3. He’s entitled to his opinions. But he’s not a SME. If he read the data and the negative impact it will have on all kids then he’d realize he’s incorrect . In the end it wasn’t his grades or SAT score that got him to where he is. Not every kid has his athletic ability.

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