I am far from an expert on council bills….I do not know if CB38-2019 was a great bill or not. Here is what I think from an outsider looking in…CB38-2019 was a bill that Howard County Councilmember Liz Walsh was passionate about…that bill got MANY amendments to fix things that people and groups testifying wanted…and it still failed to pass.

Developer influence was noted in the remarks from Councilmember Walsh (watch here):

I am sure I will take a beating from some in our community over this post…because those folks back developers and anything they do…that is a real thing around here now.


But we should be asking…how significant is developer influence in this community? How many decisions are made because of it?

I do not dislike developers…I do not think they are evil…but when is the community chosen over development interests? When do we do the right thing…not the most profitable thing…I am just asking.

Howard County Councilmember Walsh and I have not always agreed on things…but we might be on the same side when it comes to developer influence around here…because it is real…and we should all be watching future campaign finance reports to see who is getting money and support from that industry.

It will be a thing I will watch closely in the future.

Scott E


  1. It seems we need more elected officials with more independence who can act as “referees” of a sort, balancing the interests of many different groups. Some are too heavily beholden to a narrow interest or a group of those with more narrow interests to find the balance that includes the interests of the everyday citizens and seeks excellence in governance.

  2. I pointed this out years ago with the Normandy Shopping Center. The owners donated to all 4 democrats on the council. Their lawyer (Erskine) donated too. You are all many years late to the party. Same thing with the Bethany Glen development, except the developers who donated had Virginia addresses. Wasn’t that hard to figure out, except maybe for the minor inconvenience that those who benefitted had a (D) next to their name.

    Funny thing is, you’ve all rewarded the council members who caused all this with higher offices. Courtney Watson, Ball, Jen Terassa. What do you expect – you’re getting exactly what you voted for.

    • 100% agree Robert. Great points and unfortunately people will continue to vote this way, thus destroying a once great county.

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