High School Football Scores From Around Howard County – October 4th

Another week of High School Football is in the books…here is a look at the scores from schools around Howard County on October 4th:

Marriotts Ridge 21 | Reservoir 7

River Hill 41 | Wilde Lake 7

Long Reach 8 | Oakland Mills 12

Poor Principal Wasilewski from Long Reach…I hope that being taped to Oakland Mills High School cafeteria does not hurt much…LOL!!! On the other hand…I hope Grassroots earns a lot of money off of the wager. I look forward to the many videos and pictures…they will somehow make it on the blog in the future.

If I can swing by and get some pics…please let me know (scott@scotteblog.com) when it is happening…would love to follow up on this story.

Hammond 32 | Mt. Hebron 13

Howard 7 | Glenelg 10

Centennial 0 | Southern 21

Atholton 29 | North Hagerstown 22

Here are the current standings and win lose records for the schools around Howard County:

If you know of any students interested in being journalist in the future that want to cover their high school sporting events…I am looking for student writers for the blog.

Thought this would be an interesting way to provide a writing outlet for students and provide information to our community on local sporting events for our schools.

Have them reach out to scott@scotteblog.com

Scott E

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