When I originally wrote about CR134-2019 I stated “I am VERY interested to see if anyone comes out against this resolution publicly…that will be fun to watch (and give me more to write about on this blog)“…it did not take long to get the first public opposition against this proposed resolution…and so true to my word…I am writing it up on the blog.

Andrew Langer (Host of the Andrew Langer Show on WBAL every Saturday morning) was filling in for C4 on Friday October 4th and came out in strong opposition to CR134-2019. Here is a link to listen to that show and other past shows: (fast forward to the 53:30 mark of the show)

Here is the episode embedded from Stitcher (fast forward to the 53:30 mark of the show):


A lot is said in the episode and I will not dissect it all for you…I highly suggest giving it a listen. Here are a couple of comments:

  • He pronounced my name correctly. I think I was most shocked by that fact. It happens so rarely.
  • He brings up legit concerns…but I will note again that this resolution holds no power to prevent anyone or any company from changing their current practices. If passed (or not) it only shows what the councilmembers believe should be happening in our community in regards to “directional and promotional signage” on home sales.
  • Councilman Opel Jones gets talked about a lot in the episode…but that is going to happen when elected officials put their name on bills that my be controversial.
  • One of Andrew Langer’s biggest issues seemed (to me) to be the word “unethical” in the WHEREAS statement and in the final part of the resolution. Maybe an amendment changing or removing that word would be appropriate.

After listening to the show and hearing the comments…I still have no big issues with this resolution as a whole at this time. Now if this was a bill that would prevent or penalize those conducting these practices in marketing…that would be a whole different issue. That could bring into a whole bunch of 1st Amendment issues and I would be on the other side of a bill…but again…this is only a resolution letting us know where the councilmembers stand (for or against based on how they may vote on this resolution).

The entire redistricting process here in Howard County has been “tense” (a term used in the show today). Resolution CR112-2019 and now this resolution…the protests against the plan…the comments online from those supporting the plan and those opposing the plan (or parts of the plan)…the flyers that went out from some early on in the process…none of this has been easy…and will not be over until November 21st. I expect anything relating to redistricting to continue to be the number one topic locally.

Andrew Langer signed off the C4 show stating that he would be picking up this topic again tomorrow morning on his show on WBAL (from 7:00am to 10:00am). Maybe I will call in to chat a bit more about this on his show (you never know).

Be sure to listen in:

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Maybe Scott E or Scott E’s Blog will get mentioned again. I will check it out just in case.

Scott E

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