CR134-2019 calls on those offering homes for sale in Howard County to omit references to schools and school zones in certain advertising

Councilman Opel Jones has prefiled CR134-2019 (A RESOLUTION calling on those offering homes for sale in Howard County to omit references to schools and school zones in certain advertising).

After you get through all of the “WhereAs” statements in the resolution…here is what the resolution call for:

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the County Council of Howard County, Maryland this  ________ day of ________________, 2019, that the County Council finds that the practice of including school attendance areas when advertising homes is unethical and calls upon real estate agents and others advertising homes for sale in Howard County to eliminate immediately all references to schools, school districts, and school attendance boundaries on directional and promotional signs.

Read the full resolution here:

If you drive around the county…it is not uncommon to see this type of advertisements on homes for sale:

Other council members have posted on social media calling out this practice “Howard County Council Member Liz Walsh Raises Concerns About Beazer Homes

I have seen this practice of advertising schools on home sales discussed many times by many people in the community during the redistricting process the HCPSS is going through right now.

I support this resolution…but I also understand it is a resolution and not a bill (not that different from CR-112)…it holds no legal authority to stop this practice by those choosing to promote specific schools on advertising or marketing materials. This is an ask them to stop…not a tell them to stop or else.

I guess I am hoping that this resolution passes (I can not see why it would not) and that maybe those advertising specific schools will omit this practice in the future.

We will see what happens…I am VERY interested to see if anyone comes out against this resolution publicly…that will be fun to watch (and give me more to write about on this blog).

Scott E

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  1. Having Howard County pass a resolution declaring that realtors who advertise the school district a home is in, as UNETHICAL will have a chilling effect on speech.

    Why is the council calling true speech which effects the values of homes, unethical ?


  2. How silly! All of the county council members have said one of the main reasons people come to Howard County is the school system and now they want to limit the ability of real estate professionals to market based on the schools? This a dangerous resolution:

    “WHEREAS Targeting home sales to specific groups of people may cause grouping of residents by ranging characteristics, causing an unwanted separation of people living in the various regions of the County”

    Home sales are most often based on what a purchaser can afford. Some people consider schools, others don’t. This an aggressive overreach into our personal freedom of choice by the council.

    It’s just another way for Councilman Jones to try and force his ill will on the Howard County citizens. He couldn’t shame us with CR112-2019 so now he’s trying a new attack angle on the school system with developers. Beware HoCo! We have to fight this one too. It’s the same oppression, different outfit.


  3. You must be an idiot. Perhaps the signs should not mention 2.5 baths, because that doesn’t promote water conservation. Or an in-ground pool, because it killed plants and worms when the ground was dug up. Surely it is a very dangerous situation when a real estate agent says a home is near shopping, light rail and good schools. Those real estate agents should be prosecuted and jailed.


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