Many have been waiting to see the schedule for the Overflow Public Hearings for the “Families currently zoned for Glenelg HS, Marriotts Ridge HS, Reservoir HS, River Hill HS” and current Howard County Board of Education Member Dr. Chao Wu posted the following image on social media:

We knew about the overflow meeting happening on October 7th…and now we know how many additional meetings will happen and the dates:

  • October 10th at 6:00pm
  • October 15th at 6:00pm
  • October 16th at 6:00pm

Four additional meetings means there are still A LOT of people signed up to testify. The last meeting (on September 26th) had 110 community members signed up to testify…so many, many, many more people for the board to hear from over the next couple of weeks.

I checked out HCPSS BoardDocs and I did not see this schedule posted there yet…but I am sure it will be soon(ish).

The Board Public Work Sessions schedule has been adjusted and those will not start until October 17th (originally scheduled to start October 10th):

Original schedule

I expect those advocating against the plan and for the plan to continue to show up to the public hearing sessions. Will they continue to show up in the numbers we have seen in the past?

One of the things I will be watching…if changes are made to the current plan…how much notice is the public given about those changes and if the public is able to provide any type of input on those changes.

ARTICLE UPDATE: The dates of October 15th and 16th have been moved to October 14th and 15th:

Scott E