Announced on Facebook:

On Thursday, October 3rd at 10:00 a.m., the Howard County Office of Emergency Management will conduct a full alert test of the Ellicott City Outdoor Tone Alert System. The test will last no longer than one hour. Testing will occur at various times throughout the hour with each test lasting from several seconds up to two minutes. Various tones and speech will be tested.

The county recently purchased an additional tone alert tower in order to strengthen and expand the reach of the system, which is why this test is necessary. The new tower will be placed on the western side of Main Street in Ellicott City near the B&O Museum. The testing will confirm the alert system’s tone travel-distance and other related functionalities. In the event that Howard County could be affected by severe weather resulting in an increased risk of flooding on the day of the test, the testing will be rescheduled.

The variable message sign [VMS] boards located at entry points into Historic Ellicott City will alert the community to the date and time of the testing.



Scott E