Howard County Council Member Liz Walsh Raises Concerns About Beazer Homes

Howard County Council Member Liz Walsh posted the following information, video and pictures on Facebook on September 29th:

Who doesn’t want a good neighbor like Beazer Homes.

💰 Illegal signs constructed at the New Cut road closure barriers, to sell 55+ “luxury elevator townhomes” just feet outside the old Ellicott City building moratorium, and just up the hill from families and homes who’ve lost almost everything. (March 15, 2019 photo in comments below, intersection of New Cut and Hillsborough)

💰 Median signs along Route 40 naming the same high school still featured in its on-line listings—“just five miles” from this “top rated” incentive—to sell even more “luxury homes” in the midst of County-wide redistricting. (June 30, 2019 and August 3, 2019 photos in comments below, Route 40W near Kiwanis-Wallis, plus September 28, 2019 screenshot of Beazer on-line listing)

💰 And then this, this stunningly tone-deaf plea for relief from the one and only change to land-use regulations proposed by Howard County’s Department of Planning and Zoning—in response to the 2018 Watershed Safety Act—that might possibly have the effect of protecting the old Ellicott City watershed from further harm. So that Long Gate Overlook on Montgomery Road/Route 103 (across from the Target) can build into seven+ acres perched at the very tippity-top of that watershed, having only just recently been “re-engineered” to comply with stormwater regulations—to control a 100-year storm—that have been in effect now for almost thirty years, since 1990. (June 11, 2018 photo in comments below, facing the stoplight out of the Long Gate Shopping Center onto Route 103)

It’s time. It’s long past time. To do something right. To do something lasting. To do something not purely motivated by self-interested and shortest-term Developer profit.

It’s time to pass #CB38. Howard County’s Council votes on the bill Monday, October 7. Please be sure to email us why you need us to#ProtectThisWatershed before then, at


Here is the video noted above:

Here are the images noted above:

Interested in learning more about CB38-2019 (AN ACT to prohibit certain waivers in the Patapsco Lower North Branch Watershed; to prohibit certain disturbance of land in the Ellicott City Floodplain; to prohibit specified activities in certain buffers; to provide certain open space requirements in the Patapsco Lower North Branch Watershed; to eliminate certain fees-in-lieu; to prohibit residential infill under specified circumstances; to prohibit the issuance of certain variances in the Patapsco Lower North Branch Watershed; adding certain requirements related to forest conservation plans; to limit forest cover clearing in the Patapsco Lower North Branch Watershed; to specify the afforestation level in certain cases; to alter requirements and procedures to control the adverse impacts associated with stormwater; and generally relating to subdivision and land development regulations.)…click here:

Do you have pictures of other examples of these types of signs??? Share them in your comments on social media. The only way for it to stop (if we want it to stop) is to call it out when we see it.

Scott E

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  1. Howard County / Prince George’s County these areas should really be ashamed of themselves and my heart goes out to the families in Ellicott City that has lost everything. It hard enough to get into these areas and find a decent rent but to be swindle when you have to pay 13000 14000 and come up with other thousands in order to get a home in these areas where you’ve lost everything is ridiculous it’s a laughing matter these District senators and politicians don’t give a damn and they don’t start caring till its time to vote. Unless they have a hand in the pot and this company apparently is not giving them their share so to speak they need affordable housing in all of these areas so people can move in not just a select few if there being truthful. They not only need affordable housing they need to upgrade LANDLORD and Tentant rules and regulations but we’re talkin about a home a roof over your head where you dont end up paying all of this money just to get in and struggling to keep it. This is due to some campine in order to either assist a friend or family member an a select few who fall in the right category.


  2. Thanks Councilwoman Welsh for calling out the developers! Many of our problems with overcrowding at schools and inadequate infrastructures are attributed to these developers. They contributed and donated to local politicians and in turn, received many favorable zoning and development policies. We need to minimize their influence on our local politics. As voters, we need to vote out any politicians receiving donations from them!


  3. We know it’s the greedy home builders wanting more,more,more, but what can they add to support the county. Can they sponsor free food banks for the county for those. Give donations to the locals schools. I know Atholton high school has a 1969 Alumni 50th class reunion this year they could sponsor the school for starters. Home builders take all the property they can and have a tough time give back. Liz, you can count on my vote.


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