HCPSS Redistricting Public Testimony Part II – September 24th

Tonight at 7:00pm the Howard County Board of Education (HoCoBOE) will be hearing public testimony on the HCPSS redistricting plan. The meeting tonight is specific to “Families currently zoned for Atholton HS, Hammond HS, Long Reach HS, Wilde Lake HS”

As per the agenda on BoardDocs…there are 98 members of the community are signed up to testify. The 98 members include 10 students, many groups and individuals (even one member of the community that served on the HoCoBOE in the past).

So if my math is correct…if all 98 individuals show up…and they all take the full 3 minutes provided to them…we are looking at nearly 5 hours of potential testimony this evening. If you plan on attending…bring supplies in order to hang out that long.

I have been told that there will be an “Opposition Rally” starting at 6:00pm this afternoon for those opposing the current HCPSS plan.

I have not heard of a similar rally of supporters of the HCPSS plan happening today. If there is something planned…let me know in the comments.

There will be one more public testimony session after this one today:

  • Thursday, September 26, 6 p.m. (NOTE:Time changed from 7 p.m.)
    • Families currently zoned for Glenelg HS, Marriotts Ridge HS, Reservoir HS, River Hill HS
    • Additional public hearings have been added for overflow only on Monday, October 7 and Tuesday, October 8, both beginning at 6 p.m.

I have a feeling that last one could be a big one in terms of turnout.

Scott E

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  1. Signups for the third meeting are approaching 500. It seems impossible that all who signed up will have an opportunity to speak.


  2. I actually haven’t seen much support for the plan. The closest I’ve experienced is “this doesn’t make sense, but at least my kids aren’t affected so I’ll stay quiet”


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