Wilde Lake Wins Homecoming Game 27 To 6 Over Atholton

Wilde Lake High School football team got their first win of the 2019 season beating Atholton High 27 to 6 on September 21st. Here is a tweet from WLHS:


I was able to attend the game and get more than 100 photos while I was there (Wilde Lake was nice enough to allow me on the sidelines to get photos…they are awesome for allowing me to be on the sidelines). Here are some of my favorites that I took:

Team Captains:

Glad the Atholton player was not hurt on the opening kickoff (look at this position of his leg on the ground):

This was a heck of a run early on in the game…to bad it was called back because of a penalty:

The Wild Lake QB throwing the ball:

Those are just a few of the photos I took at the game…be sure to check out all of the photos here on Facebook (it is a public album…so everyone should be able to view the photos):


One of my hopes is that I will be able to attend other high school sporting events this year to take photos. It was a lot of fun yesterday and I think I have some good images that fans of both teams can enjoy.

If you know of any students interested in being journalist in the future that want to cover their high school sporting events…I am looking for student writers for the blog.

Thought this would be an interesting way to provide a writing outlet for students and provide information to our community on local sporting events for our schools.

Have them reach out to scott@scotteblog.com.

Scott E

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