Howard County Republican Central Committee Releases Statement on Council Resolution 112-2019

I wrote “Howard County Democratic Central Committee Releases Statement on Council Resolution 112-2019” back on September 13th and was recently given a heads up that the Republican Central Committee in Howard County has also released a statement about CR-112. Here is what they have on their website:

Redistricting – The Central Committee Responds to the County Council Resolution

Howard County Council Resolution 112-2019 urges the County’s school system to implement a plan to ensure that all schools are “integrated by socioeconomic factors and remain integrated in future years.” In other words– the very words used in Council member Christiana Mercer Rigby’s press release–our Council has resolved to “desegregate” Howard County’s Schools… again.

The Council has no authority to control the redistricting process. Its attempt to influence the process might seem an empty gesture; but it’s also a red flag that the supporters of income-based and race-based redistricting are attempting to bypass the democratic process, making decisions based on what they, as self-appointed experts, “know” to be good for all of us.

The Attendance Area Committee (AAC) is responsible for making redistricting recommendations. Board Policy 6010 governs that process, and, until February, 2019, it mandated that the AAC would collect and review public input. The recent changes struck the public input requirement, allowing Martirano’s hand-picked committee to crowd the public out of the discussion.

More, Superintendent Martirano has stacked the AAC with people who will craft the plan that Council Democrats and County Executive Ball want to see. These people include the pastor of the Executive’s church, who was a member of the Executive’s transition team when he took office, as well as four other members of that same transition team. They have been part of a plan which ignores prior feasibility studies. It also puts a social justice political agenda first and the students, families & communities of Howard County last.

With this resolution, the Council is advocating to pull the rug out from under County residents who made significant investments in real estate based on school district, in a County known world-wide as a place parents come to find a great school, and in which school district largely dictates property values.

And there is absolutely no evidence it will help even a single student. There is only evidence (which follows on simple logic) that moving high-performing students to low-performing schools will raise the average performance in those schools. If the individual student’s outcome stays the same, it won’t matter, because the overall numbers will be better.

Every Howard County school has committed teachers. The difference between high and low performing schools is parents who are committed to education and have the resources of time and money to back up that commitment in the home.

We, as a community, need to help those parents and children who do not have those resources, and show to those who lack commitment the benefits of education. We do not need to insult them by telling them that their children would be better served by going to a school that’s less brown.

We call on the County Council, the County Executive and the Board of Education  to demonstrate that they believe in a representative government, where our elected officials take into account the desires and interests of their constituents, instead of lecturing us on what’s moral and governing us on a whim.

Howard County deserves better.


Public testimony on CR-112 will continue on September 26th (for those that had already signed up to testify):

Scott E

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  1. I guess I have to vote Republican for the first time in my life. I regret voting for Howard County Democrats. I won’t make that mistake again.


    • It’s very good to see the Awakening! Voting Republican will benefit everyone until the Democratic party transforms into something we all can trust and believe in. Just like you, I too see through the corruption, I never imagined having to write something like this, but after witnessing what’s happening, I strongly feel compelled to express my support for anything other than the Democratic party.
      *Don’t let them destroy our lifetime of hard work.


      • CR112 had sparked chaos and anger in Howard County. We felt betrayed! CR112 recklessly mandates the middle-class majority to sacrifice their interest in order to satisfy a few Council members’ worthless Utopian ideology.

        It reminded me of the Chinese Cultural Revolution. The poor FARMers and the bottom class people who owned nothing and had nothing to lose began a bloody and brutal riot against the “rich” land and business, elites, etc. in the name of “equity” and “social justice”. Everyone suffered and millions died but Mao’s power was secured.

        Government’s job is NOT to impose unreasonable polices and to force the majority middle-class to comply at the expense of their well-being in the name of balancing wealth and averaging performance.

        Government’s job is NOT lecturing what is moral and mandates everybody to do “morally right”. It’s always an individual’s own choice to do good deeds.

        Government’s job IS to encourage the communities and neighborhoods help the needed and the disadvantaged including teaching them personal & social responsibilities & accountabilities.

        The less Government’s intervention, the better. The more Government’s interruption, the more mess-ups! Government should leave us alone!

        Do the Council members really know whom they are making enemies with? They are making enemies with the middle class – the backbone of Howard County. We don’t want them even to try to experiment Socialism. We don’t need to repeat the disaster. Socialism will make everybody equally poor and equally dumb, so will CR112.


  2. Yeah, well. Oklahoma votes Republican. Their kids only go to schools four days a week because they can’t afford a fifth day. I guess that’s what Republicans would want in Howard County too.


  3. CR 112 has a long-term and far-reaching negative impact on Howard County.

    Why do County Councils pursue equity and integration as their top priority without even calculating the huge cost of busing around and considering the damage CR112 does to the majority middle-class?

    What makes them think that students from families having little commitment or involvement in education will turn around simply because they are sent to schools of less color? Didn’t Councilman Opel Jones of District 2 say that all Howard County schools are the same and all are #1? If so, then why bother?

    It takes about 10 to 30 years to build a successful school district. Parent’s involvement, students’ diligence and teachers’ endeavor are key factors that contribute a successful school. Good schools also attract like-minded families who regard education as the top priority. Housing prices, being sensitive to school qualities, reflect efforts being sowed and fruits being reaped of the communities.

    Yet CR112 ignores all the above facts and preys on these families!

    Poor performance schools were formed not because the community’s socioeconomic status or income level is low. There is no statistic proof that children from poor or disadvantaged families will necessarily do poorly in school. Often times it’s the opposite. Adverse conditions make people work harder. Dr. Ben Carson and many others are good examples.

    Kids do not perform well in school is largely due to the fact that they are not raised with high expectation on education, or firm beliefs in characters such as responsibilities, perseverance and devotion.

    However, CR112 punishes and hurts the families and students who value such characters and beliefs. CR112 messes up our County by shuffling all students around, both FARM and non-FARM.

    Like all Socialist agenda, CR112 will eventually cause HCPSS’ overall performance sliding down the hill. CR112 will also wipe out many of the hard-working middle class! People are already talking about moving out of Howard County if CR112 is passed. County Councils will be very happy to see their dream of equity finally comes true which makes everybody equally poor and equally miserable.


  4. We need the sensibility of Alan Kittleman back. What a tragic mistake it was to have voted him out of office. He, among other Republicans that were displaced, always had the best interest of the county in their decisions. Politics was never an issue, as they never governed that way. Progressive polititians are ruining as much as they can in order to keep a foot in the door and voters keep letting it happen only to be disappointed time and time again. Wake up! Desegregating the most diverse county in the country is just the tip of the iceberg of asinine ideas from liberal socialists.


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