Harriet Tubman Day Celebration 2019 September 21st

Here is another event happening on Saturday in Howard County….Harriet Tubman Day Celebration 2019. Here is information via Facebook:

When: Saturday at 11 AM – 5 PM

Where:  8405 Harriet Tubman Lane, Columbia, MD 21044

The Harriet Tubman School, located on Harriet Tubman Lane in Columbia, was founded in 1949 as the county’s only all-black Jr.-Sr. High School. It was named for Harriet Tubman, an ex-slave and abolitionist who created the network of safe houses known as the Underground Railroad that helped others escape to freedom.

The school was closed in 1965, after county schools were desegregated. The building was being used as by the school system, as a maintenance shop, until 2015, when the county started plans to renovate and repurpose the building as a multi-cultural center. The goal is to be open by 2020 for the community.

Since 2002, the Harriet Tubman Day Celebration has been a gathering of the Harriet Tubman Jr.-Sr. High School Alumni, parents and community to celebrate the history and the legacy of the all-black Jr.-Sr. High School in Howard County, MD.

This year’s event will be held on Saturday, September 21, 2019, in our building, and we are inviting all of Howard County to be part of our celebration. We will have a full day of activities that will include cultural performances from our diverse racial and religious communities, as well as food, music, fun, family, community, and history will be the center of attention.

Event Link https://htfhc.weebly.com/harriet-tubman-day-2019.html

Sponsors & Vendor forms https://htfhc.weebly.com/vendor-agreement-form.html


There appears to be a lot to do around Howard County on Saturday.

Scott E

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