Information taken from Councilwoman Christiana Mercer Rigby on Facebook:

This month, the County Council is considering CB42-2019, legislation which would raise the School Facilities Surcharge on new home construction in Howard County.

No school in Howard County should be overcapacity, and no school should have decades of deferred maintenance impacting our children’s ability to learn. Our kids deserve an educational environment where they can thrive.

Check out the video below to learn more. Let’s #FundOurFuture



I think if we are serious about funding for our schools…this legislation is critical…and should be on the radar of everyone advocating for more school funding and more school support.

Here is what I am watching for with this specific legislation…who votes yes and who votes no…and then I am going back to look over finance reports for each…and find out what businesses or what members of our community are giving money to those opposed to this legislation.

The Howard County Chamber of Commerce has come out against this legislation…and I expect more companies or individuals to do the same…this will hurt the bottom line of some businesses…while providing critical funding for the school system locally…which side are you on?

Scott E


  1. The casinos and lotteries are generating huge, record amount for the state treasury. And, supposedly all of that money was going towards education. and, some for the stadiums???

    Furthermore, the state use to delegate large sums for each county education programs that was separate from the old lottery revenue sharing. Where is that money going now?

    The county council keep coming up with crazy bills which will make their term just 4 yrs. The big questions is – Will it make Calvin Ball’s term only 4 yrs?

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