I saw the following on social media this weekend…and thought it worth mentioning this morning:

Chinese American Parent Association of Howard County (CAPA-HC) plans to testify against the current HCPSS redistricting plan. Here is some information from their statement:

Distinguished HCPSS Board of Education Members,

This letter is written on behalf of over 600 registered members of the Chinese American Parent Association of Howard County (CAP A).

CAPA, while fully supporting the goal of diversity, equity and inclusion, and improving the academic performance of all Howard County students, strongly opposes superintendent’s proposed attendance area adjustment plan, for the following reasons.

  • The plan is ineffective.
  • The plan is costly.
  • There are better alternatives to promote opportunities for economically disadvantaged students.

There is much more in the letter…this is just a teaser post from me (because I had a hard time copying all of the info from the pdf)…be sure to check out all of the statement here:  https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/df772f_4776561ff749455e933d490ab8055fbe.pdf

Scott E


  1. It should be interesting watching a certain BoEd member squirming in his seat. With the threat of new redistricting looming and the problems with the last attempt to do major redistricting, it was interesting to watch certain candidates for BoEd craft their mission statements to get elected.

    • Yes, LisaM. Certain candidate, like Mavis Ellis, who colludes with the County Executive and the pastor of her church, to push through political agenda using school redistricting. Five members of the AAC board, including her pastor, were part of the County Executive election transition team. She changed the AAC selection rule so that BOE does not get a say on who to select for the AAC board. I like to think BOE is impartial to political influence, but Ellis is definitely a politician who does not care about our kids!

  2. Agreed, Ellis has to go. She is not for our children and education any more. She certainly has her own political agenda that she wanted to push regardless of the opinion from her constituent. Elected officials should get representing the people , not suppressing the people. Get that straight!

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