I posted the photo album on Facebook yesterday…but I remember some readers telling me that they are not on Facebook so I thought I would put a link to the photos on the blog as well…here they are: https://www.facebook.com/pg/scotteblog/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2376835852584754

There are 208 photos in the album.

I was not there for the entire event (had other things to do yesterday) so I missed the rally at the very end of the event.

Scott E


  1. Visuals are not good. Almost uniformly white and Asian (south and east) – saw same single black family in several pics and Larry Pretlow who is either using or being used. I am neither for or against Superintendent’s PROPOSAL but redistricting will occur. Bottom line is predominately White/Asian schools are overcrowded and majority Black/Hispanic (which have higher FARM numbers) are not. Redistricting is a zero sum game – someone’s kids are going to be bused to different school. It might be River Hill/Clarksville or Dunloggin/Centennial Overlook but it will happen. And when decision is made winners will not care about ‘improve not move’.

    • No problem with moving school boundary to solve overcrowding, however swapping is totally different issue. Not sure you are clear about what is really going on in this process. This is not about education , and overcrowding any more. It becomes a social engineering experiment at the cost of someone’s children, not the politician’s for sure.

      • Jackie: In my opinion it is really about development and developer influence on politics and school redistricting not social engineering. I think that is the desegregation/integration of schools resolution is a distraction to the real problems – developer influence at CE/Council. Also some examples (simple web searches) of why motivation of opponents may be questionable:
        – Woman who was main organizer of protest march last week at the Mall lives on Ellicott City not Clarksville and is 4.8 miles from RHHS and 5.1 miles from WLHS. She bought an expensive house less than two years ago from builder/realtor that ensured it was districted to a better school. Sounds like housing values motivator.
        – One of main organizers of the opposition web site bought his expensive house 1 year ago. Part of a questionable move of CMS to HCMS but something that can probably be negotiated and in any case probably would not impact his home’s value. Although any other redistricting to HCMS would increase already high FARM rate at that school.

        In the meanwhile Beazer Homes is building 150+ homes of Guilford and advertising ‘River Hill HS Districted’ — as well as CES/CMS. Take a look at building trends including Downtown Columbia and how HCPSS is allocating schools. Take a look at how many waivers are granted to builders. Take a look at who votes against tighter restrictions on development.

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