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County Executive Ball Releases Statement On School Redistricting Proposal

ELLICOTT CITY, MD – Howard County Executive Calvin Ball has released the following statement on Howard County Public School System Superintendent Michael Martirano’s proposed school redistricting plan:

“I am appreciative of Superintendent Michael Martirano’s intent to address the pressing issue of school overcrowding, and I am confident that through respectful dialogue and a transparent, inclusive process a plan will be produced that values the importance of socioeconomic diversity while keeping communities together, to the extent possible. We need thoughtful, comprehensive redistricting that will help foster the best teaching and learning environment for our children and educators.

I recognize this is a sensitive matter that may impact families in many different ways and it’s important that all residents have a chance to lend their voices to this important conversation and speak directly to the Board of Education as they continue with their deliberations.


The Board of Education will be holding three public hearings so that they may hear from the public. All public hearings will be held at the Department of Education (10910 Clarksville Pike, Ellicott City) with satellite rooms available for overflow. Pre-registration is required and may be done by phone (410-313-7346, 1584, or 7194) or in person. Please note that there will be no online pre-registration and no registration will be permitted on site at the hearing. If you have not done so already, please mark your calendars and plan to testify at the appropriate public hearing:

* Public Hearing, Tuesday, September 17 at 7 p.m.

Region I (Only families currently zoned for Centennial HS, Howard HS, Mt. Hebron HS, Oakland Mills HS and feeders)

Pre-registration open August 27, 8 a.m. – September 16, 4 p.m.

* Public Hearing, Tuesday, September 24 at 7 p.m.

Region II (Only families currently zoned for at Atholton HS, Hammond HS, Long Reach HS, Wilde Lake HS and feeders)

Pre-registration open September 3, 8 a.m. – September 23, 4 p.m.

* Public Hearing, Thursday, September 26 at 7 p.m.

Region III (Only families currently zoned for at Glenelg HS, Marriotts Ridge HS, Reservoir HS, River Hill HS and feeders)

Pre-registration open September 5, 8 a.m. – September 25, 4 p.m

Testimony can also be provided by emailing More information is available online:

As any decisions regarding redistricting are solely within the purview of the Board of Education, neither I nor any other elected official who is not on the Board of Education has an opportunity to vote on Dr. Martirano’s school redistricting plan. Given its overall impact on our County, and as a father with two daughters in our public schools, please know I will continue to closely monitor the process.”


Scott E


  1. There may a little bit of value in this statement – “a plan will be produced” suggests future action. Taken further, Ball possibly does not agree with the current plan, though he believes that a plan is needed. Am I reading into it? Absolutely – but Ball is a politician who does know how to choose his words, regardless of whether or not one agrees with those words.

  2. This guy fantastically said not one thing of any worth.

    I guess thanks for the schedule, not that its already posted almost everywhere already.

    And we get it!! You don’t want this plan to affect your potential re-election…maybe you should do something about it then! We don’t need you to “closely monitor the process”.

  3. Redistricting kids out of their school district is not the answer. It doesn’t fix the core problem that certain villages have been neglected for too long. Our elected officials need to revitalize these areas, invest money in existing infrastructure instead of building new, new new, and all of their desegregation goals will happen naturally. It will infuse new life into these communities. People will want to live in these areas again. People will want to buy houses in these areas again. People will want their kids to go to these schools again. Redistricting isn’t fixing anything. It’s not helping any of the kids. Fix the neighborhoods… that will help the kids.

  4. Then why are you colluding with Pastor Larry Walker and Mavis Ellis because you all three go to the same church? Why is it okay for Larry Walker to tell a Celebration Church member that “someone has to suffer” because he believes that the “rich white people in the western part of the county can be inconvenienced and drive long distances to school because what is happening is not fair”? Why are you sitting there nodding and supporting divisiveness. You have definitely taken a side!

  5. Sly politician like Mr Calvin Ball need to be called out. During his 12 years as county council. Howard county low income student rate increased from 10% to 22.9% while Baltimore city decreased by 8%. A flush in of city residents on voucher definitely had an unexpected impact on our county school system. With years lagging behind, the children moving out of the city have trouble to keep up with the Howard County Public school which caused the passing rate for low income students decreased in the past few years. While Howard county residents pay premium tax dollars tried to help support these children, our government officials turned around claiming the tax payers are guilty , and should feel ashamed of themselves because the school is segregated, and the low income students are not achieving as much as others. Superintendent plan under the great leadership of Mr Calvin Ball (according to his fellow church pastor) will successfully bus children to further away schools , tear apart communities, further burden the working middle class, and causing even higher tax bill , and eventually drive away tax paying residents. Then Howard county becomes another PG county, mission accomplished, since everyone will be equally poor at that time.

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