Howard County Democratic Central Committee Releases Statement on Council Resolution 112-2019

The following statement was released on September 7th from the Howard County Democratic Central Committee (via email) about CR-112 2019:

Statement on Council Resolution 112-2019

Equity and inclusion are not just buzzwords; they are actions meant to be lived out through policy and practice, ensuring that all members of our community have access to the same opportunities and a quality education regardless of their background, race, or socioeconomic status. The Howard County Democratic Party affirms these critical values of equity and inclusion throughout our entire community.

Recently, Howard County Councilwoman Christiana Mercer RigbyCouncilman Opel Jones and County Councilmember Deb Jung introduced Council Resolution 112-2019 citing significant disparities in student outcomes that correspond with increasing concentrations of students participating in the free-and-reduced meals (FARMs) program in certain Howard County public schools. A Council Resolution serves as a meaningful call to action and though not enforceable by law, it expresses the intent of the council on policies that impact Howard County residents. Many in our community believe that the need for socioeconomic integration would be a true example of equity in action.

As Democrats, we know when students have the opportunity to learn together in diverse environments, all students thrive. As a Central Committee, we support the Council’s Resolution, and join calls from community members for the Howard County Board of Education to elevate the priority of diversity of socioeconomic status as a priority in the Howard County Public School System’s School Boundary Review Process.

It is our hope that all members of our community will respect the value and dignity of everyone in Howard County. We appreciate the thoughtful and deliberate process that the Howard County Board of Education will undergo in ultimately determining a path forward.

The foundation of our democracy is making our voices heard and included in the democratic process. We encourage supporters of CR 112-2019 and all members of the community to contact the council and submit testimony electronically or testify in person at the public hearing which will be held on Monday, September 16, 2019 at 7pm.

Let’s demonstrate how we put our values into action.

~The Howard County Democratic Central Committee Team~
Scott E
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  1. I’m a Democrat, and I don’t support this CR. Integration and desegregation ARE buzzwords used to claim a moral high ground. By integrating the student body with forced busing, it loses community support and buy-in. Without their support, there can not be true integration. This council has no legal authority to force the BOE to adopt the priority of integration. The problem of segregation in school is largely due to decades of bad policy in urban planning and zoning, which are the true responsibilities of the county council. Instead, tthe council choose to solve the problem by punting it to BOE. The true intend of this CR, as council woman Rigby hints through her call to BOE member Cutroneo, is to offer of “political coverage” for the redistricting plan. This is a clear overstep of the council’s authority and forego its own responsibility. Instead of asking the community, as a whole, to solve the issue with inequality, the CR divides the residents. Does this CR really do what it intends? I think it is not, and actually making things worse!!!


    • CR112 already sparked anger and uproar in Howard County. We felt betrayed! CR112 recklessly mandates the middle-class majority to sacrifice their interest in order to satisfy a few Council members’ worthless Utopian ideology.

      It reminded me of the Chinese Cultural Revolution. The poor FARMers and the bottom class people who owned nothing and had nothing to lose began a bloody and brutal riot against the “rich” land and business owners, elites, etc. in the name of “equity” and “social justice”. Everyone suffered and millions died but Mao’s power was secured.

      Government’s job is NOT to impose unreasonable polices and to force the majority middle-class to comply at the expense of their well-being in the name of balancing wealth and averaging performance.

      Government’s job is NOT lecturing what is moral and mandates everybody to do “morally right”. It’s always an individual’s own choice to do good deeds.

      Government’s job is, however, to encourage the communities and neighborhoods help the needed and the disadvantaged including teaching them personal & social responsibilities & accountabilities.

      The less Government’s intervention, the better. The more Government’s interruption, the more mess-ups! Government should leave us alone!

      Do the Council members really know whom they are making enemies with? They are making enemies with the middle class – the backbone that supports Howard County. We don’t want them even to try to experiment Socialism. We don’t need to repeat the disaster. Socialism will make everybody equally poor and equally dumb, so will CR112.


  2. Reading statement from democratic central office and republican central office side by side, I realized, for the first time in my life, I am a republican instead of Democrat.

    Thank you for waking me up. Will go red with in election.


  3. I wonder if the people protesting this plan (which probably won’t pass anyways) have ever protested anything in their life? Like, millions of people without healthcare, global warming, humanitarian crises worldwide, and THIS is the issue you people get riled up about?

    Women can’t get into Iranian soccer matches and a woman died lighting herself on fire in protest. As George Carlin once said, let’s seem some fire if this is the most upsetting thing in the world you can think of.


    • Of course we care about lots of things (except global warming is a lie). But we need to take care of our own home town business first before we take care of others. Just like America First, we must say Howard County First.


  4. CR 112 has a long-term and far-reaching negative impact on Howard County.

    Why do County Councils pursue equity and integration as their top priority without even calculating the huge cost of busing around and considering the damage CR112 does to the majority middle-class?

    What makes them think that students from families having little commitment or involvement in education will turn around simply because they are sent to schools of less color? Didn’t Councilman Opel Jones of District 2 say that all Howard County schools are the same and all are #1? If so, then why bother?

    It takes about 10 to 30 years to build a successful school district. Parent’s involvement, students’ diligence and teachers’ endeavor are key factors that contribute a successful school. Good schools also attract like-minded families who regard education as the top priority. Housing prices, being sensitive to school qualities, reflect efforts being sowed and fruits being reaped of the communities.

    Yet CR112 ignores all the above facts and preys on these families!

    Poor performance schools were formed not because the community’s socioeconomic status or income level is low. There is no statistic proof that children from poor or disadvantaged families will necessarily do poorly in school. Often times it’s the opposite. Adverse conditions make people work harder. Dr. Ben Carson and many others are good examples.

    Kids do not perform well in school is largely due to the fact that they are not raised with high expectation on education, or firm beliefs in characters such as responsibilities, perseverance and devotion.

    However, CR112 punishes and hurts the families and students who value such characters and beliefs. CR112 messes up our County by shuffling all students around, both FARM and non-FARM.

    Like all Socialist agenda, CR112 will eventually cause HCPSS’ overall performance sliding down the hill. CR112 will also wipe out many of the hard-working middle class! People are already talking about moving out of Howard County if CR112 is passed. County Councils will be very happy to see their dream of equity finally comes true which makes everybody equally poor and equally miserable.


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