The Howard County Board of Education is providing access to all incoming written testimony relating to the redistricting process. That information can be found on BoardDocs:

This is a screenshot of the current front page. On the right hand side under Documents you will see Redistricting Written Testimony:

When you click on that it will bring you to this page with links to a number of PDFs:


The PDFs are broken out by dates.

There is so much to look through…I have not been able to read through much of it yet. I have been seeing some people pulling out specific controversial testimony submitted and posting it on social media (and that is cool with me…if you submit something bad in this process I have no problems with it being called out online).

If you are looking to submit testimony in support of the plan or opposition of the plan or specific aspects of the plan…the already submitted information may be of use to you:

Here is information on Feedback to the Board:

Beginning August 21 and through 4:30 p.m. on November 19, the Board of Education will receive written testimony via USPS mail and email.

View information required for submitting written testimony via mail and email →

Any testimony received prior to this date will not be accepted. Additionally, testimony sent to individual Board members or to the general BOE email address will not be accepted.

Scott E


  1. I had to stop reading those letters…..unbelievable what is written in some. If people in HoCo want the motto to be “Choose Civility”, I suggest that many start to act civilized. Not proud to call this place my home.

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