I have to admit…I had never heard of Busboys & Poets before this got announced yesterday…but a lot of people seem REALLY excited about it…even our County Executive released a press release about it:

Largest ‘Busboys & Poets’ Coming To Merriweather District in Downtown Columbia

Howard County will soon welcome the nation’s largest Busboys & Poets, and the first in the Baltimore region, to the Merriweather District in Downtown Columbia. The new 10,700-square-foot, two-story location will bring the Washington, DC-based restaurant, bookstore and event space into the forthcoming mixed-use neighborhood being built by the Howard Hughes Corporation. Busboys & Poets currently has seven locations across the Washington Metropolitan area and is a cultural hub for artists and activists, as well as a highly rated restaurant.

The Merriweather District in Downtown Columbia will be home to corporate headquarters, thousands of residences and streets lined with shops, restaurants and outstanding entertainment amenities surrounded by natural beauty.The Busboys & Poets will be a stand-alone, two-story building featuring indoor and outdoor seating, all-day dining options, and a curated book collection. The store will showcase books and authors—on both a local and national level—who have contributed to conversations around social change. The grand opening of the Merriweather District is scheduled for 2020.

“Howard County will be the perfect home for the flagship Busboys & Poets, as we continue to create a vibrant, fun, and walkable hub for culture in Downtown Columbia,” said Howard County Executive Calvin Ball. “Busboys & Poets is beloved across the DC-metro area for good food, wonderful books, and exciting arts events. We are thrilled to welcome them to our new Merriweather District, where they will join some of the nation’s the best entertainment amenities, innovative businesses, and natural beauty. The future of the best city in America continues to grow brighter.”


“The newest Columbia, Maryland, Busboys & Poets will be our largest and most exciting location, serving as a regional gathering space where people can celebrate literature, arts, politics, our award-winning bookstore and critically acclaimed conscious cuisine,” said Andy Shallal, Busboys & Poets owner and founder. “The area’s rich arts heritage and history of inclusiveness and progressivism played a significant role in our decision to build our largest location in Merriweather District. We are looking forward to using the increased space to host larger events and gatherings that we hope will enrich the community and be a draw for our Baltimore and DC neighbors in addition to the local Columbia residents.”

“With the continued transformation of the Merriweather District into a vibrant, walkable neighborhood, we are pleased to share the news that Busboys & Poets has chosen Downtown Columbia’s Merriweather District as the location for its new flagship store,” said Greg Fitchitt, President, Columbia, The Howard Hughes Corporation. “For years we have admired Busboys & Poets’ civic-minded business model and believe it is truly a perfect fit for our community of Columbia, founded on the pillars of progress and innovation. Committed to building a creative hub where people and ideas can grow and flourish, we look forward to Busboys & Poets opening in the Merriweather District.”


So apparently this is a big deal…and I am interested to see this place come into downtown.  I like it is a “space where people can celebrate literature, arts, politics, our award-winning bookstore and critically acclaimed conscious cuisine”…they mention politics…so this might be my joint downtown…and a place where political events may happen in the future.

More to come in the future about this location.

Scott E