I have seen that the event “Walk The Mall Protest Of The Current HCPSS Redistricting Plan Scheduled for September 14th” may be covered by many local(ish) media outlets.

Some may include: WMAR2, WBAL11, WBFFFox45 and WJZ13 (based on a post I have seen online)…Note: I do not have first hand knowledge of this information…but have no reason not to believe it at this point. I would also expect someone from the Howard County Times / Baltimore Sun and of course Scott E’s Blog will be there to take photos. If it is covered by major local media outlets I am sure that they will make it in the photo gallery on Scott E’s Blog on Facebook.

Here is the flyer for the event on the 14th:

Here is text to go along with the flyer:

This is for all Districts, all polygons, all citizens who have a problem with the current redistricting proposal and want to oppose it before the hearings begin- in a very public way. 
No matter what your reason is for opposition; all are welcome and we can unite over our disappointment in the Superintendent’s current proposal for Redistricting HoCo.
Public event and public FB invite is out there if you want to let others know you’re going.
Columbia is the ❤️ of HoCo and the vicinity of the Mall is a safe place where we can walk and be seen and not break with any county laws or policies. We need to be visible and in a neutral, safe venue.
We do not need a permit. We will not block or impeded any vehicle or foot traffic.
We will have 💦 on hand.
We will have 🚑 trained help on hand.
We will have crosswalk safety help. 🛂
We will have group walk leaders to keep walking to 20-30 people a group. Spaced apart! 🚹🚶🏾🚶🚶🚶🏾🚶🏽🛑🚹🚶‍♀️🚶🏾🚶🏾🚶🚶🛑
Bring signs and positive energy.
We can meet cross-county neighbors that we all have more in common with than not: we love our children, care about their educational experience and want to be involved in setting that experience.
We can work on testimony letters, too. 📝
Yours in activism & ALL of our children, 


There have been some (online) questioning the fact that it was happening at the mall…would they (the mall) allow it. What I have seen online is that the folks running this event will hold the protest on the public sidewalks around the mall…so no one can stop them from doing that….and no one should.

7 days away from this event…and it sounds like it may be a big one…especially with serious media coverage of it. I mean if you get Scott E’s Blog scheduled to cover it…you got an event that will be a thing in our community…LOL!!!

But seriously…if you support the plan, let the HoCoBOE know…if you oppose the plan, let the HoCoBOE know and maybe show up to this event next Saturday. I am hoping to get a bunch of good photos (and maybe continue to be a source for big time press outlets).

Scott E


  1. Maybe, since it is questionable that Mall will allow a 2000 person protest, another location might be more appropriate. May I suggest the building housing the the Maryland Building Industry Association (MBIA) in Maple Lawn which is the primary lobbying organization at State and County for developers who caused the redistricting to occur.

  2. WLHS picnic is happening at the same time at Wilde Lake by the boathouse. Might be good to get coverage of folks celebrating their community rather than protesting it. I know media likes to promote the negative, but I’m just saying a real balance would be nice

    • Jim…if you could email me the details I will see if I can swing by for some photos of that event as well. Not sure my full schedule yet for that day…but will do what I can.

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