Kirsten Coombs will be seeking reelection to the Howard County Board of Education in 2020. Kirsten Coombs will run in District 4 in 2020. Here is an announcement made today about a kickoff event on September 23rd in Columbia:

Do date…Kirsten Coombs is the only sitting HoCoBOE member to announce that they are officially running in 2020 (other sitting HoCoBOE members that may run include Christina Delmont-Small, Sabina Taj, Mavis Ellis and Jen Mallo).

Coombs was elected to the HoCoBOE back in 2016. Here are the primary election results from 2016:


Kirsten Coombs received the most votes in the 2016 primary with over 35,000 countywide votes.

Here are the general elections results from 2016:

Kirsten Coombs received the most votes in the 2016 general with over 81,000 countywide votes.

This election will be different than 2016 as Coombs will only run in District 4 in 2020. She also may have one or more sitting board members to run against (Ellis and Mallo if they decide to run…plus others that may decide to get into this race before the filing deadline in January).

As if this post…Kirsten Coombs has not filed yet…but she has plenty of time to do that:

Article Update: Kirsten Coombs filed to run for BOE on January 15th

She did make it official on Facebook:

Now that the first domino has fallen…I am looking forward to watching what other current board members and other members of our county do in regards to upcoming announcements.

Kirsten Coombs now joins Larry Pretlow (candidate for HoCoBOE in District 2) as the only two candidates to announce that they are running in 2020.

I will do my best to track all of the HoCoBOE candidates in 2020. If you have anything I should know…feel free to contact me (

Scott E