I posted when Howard County Board of Education (HoCoBOE) member Jen Mallo mentioned the redistricting process….so I thought it only right to post this as well…Vicky Cutroneo posted the following on Facebook:

Redistricting: I am reading your emails, reviewing data and creating spreadsheets to analyze it in different ways. I’m looking at enrollment trends over the last 10 years as they relate to planning and zoning/BOE decisions. I am reviewing every single polygon’s history and trends and analyzing costs.

I am trolling DPZ website, monitoring when developments are coming onboard when they come off the apfo wait list, etc. Polygon maps cover my walls (and my family photos) and every free moment is spent reviewing the proposed plan and implications.

I do not take this lightly; know that my decisions will be my own, based on established Board policy, research, data and your input. It would be inappropriate for me to comment specifically until I have fully vetted the proposed plan and the public input process has played out… and within the context of an open meeting.

Please don’t mistake my silence for indifference. Quite the opposite. I’m all in. And making new spreadsheets by the hour.


I am happy to hear the “Please don’t mistake my silence for indifference”….best statement I have seen in the process. I get that current HoCoBOE members can not make statements until this is over. They must evaluate the data and listen to the public input before they come out for or against any aspect of this plan.

I seriously hope they can make changes to this plan…because there are problems with this plan…but they should hear from everyone before making public statements. While my kid has graduated…I do plan on emailing the board members my thoughts with some of my most notable concerns with the current plan.

I support redistricting…I have concerns with some aspects of the current plan…but I respect and trust that our current HoCoBOE members will do the right thing in this process…because if they do not…we have an election coming up VERY soon.

Do not be told you can not oppose aspects of the current plan…you can…and should if you have concerns. If you think this plan will affect you, your kids and/or your family…now is your chance to say something. Just do it the right way.

On the other hand…if you fully support this plan…do the same…show your support for this plan. Let the HoCoBOE know this current plan is right for HoCoMD. Just do it the right way.

Everyone should have a voice in this process….and what happens here will have ramifications now and into the future.

Scott E


  1. Polygons are part time of the problem. They have been changed from their original mandated use, which was to keep neighborhoods together!

  2. Polygons are part of the problem. They have been changed from their original, mandated use, which was to keep neighborhoods together, in their neighborhood schools!

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