There is a meeting on September 4th (Equity in Redistricting) hosted by Howard County Indivisible. Here is some information about this upcoming meeting via a link located on the HoCo Indivisible website:

When: September 4th (6:30pm to 8:00pm)

Where: Miller Library, 9421 Frederick Rd, Ellicott City, MD 21042

Information: The Education Action Team will sponsor the Equity in Redistricting Forum to discuss how HCPSS school redistricting can address both overcrowding and socioeconomic/racial segregation. Over the past 15 years, Howard County school districts have become the most segregated in Maryland. Jacky McCoy, co-founder of Changing the Lens will discuss the importance of equity in our schools and our community. Next, Dr. Richard Kohn, a professor, parent and Howard County resident, will present a mathematical model based on county data that demonstrates there are several ways to redraw school boundaries to reduce overcrowding and reduce income and racial segregation.


There is a Facebook event…but it is not a public event…you have to be part of the HOCO school interest Facebook group to see it. Here is what it says in the description:

We will have a 90 minute discussion of HCPSS redistricting options to meet community needs and best educate all of our children. Speakers will include Jacky McCoy and Richard Kohn, PhD, educators and community advocates. Sponsored by HoCo Indivisible Education Action Team.


I am very interested to see what information they will be discussing at this event. I have seen posts on social media by Dr. Richard Kohn with data and maps…so I am betting those will be discussed. If anyone involved would like to share information in advance of the meeting…send it along and I will be happy to update this article.

Scott E

Article update…I was tent the following information via email “We have now reached the room capacity with our RSVP list. We will be live-streaming the forum to our Facebook page for those who want to view.”