This information can be found in the “Howard County School Redistricting Opposition” Facebook group (which has now grown to more than 1,450 members):

This is for all Districts, all polygons, all citizens who have a problem with the current redistricting proposal and want to oppose it before the hearings begin- in a very public way. 
Columbia is the ❤️ of HoCo and the vicinity of the Mall is a safe place where we can walk and be seen and not break with any county laws or policies. We need to be visible and in a neutral, safe venue.
We do not need a permit. We will not block or impeded any vehicle or foot traffic.
We will have 💦 on hand.
We will have 🚑 trained help on hand.
We will have crosswalk safety help. 🛂
We will have group walk leaders to keep walking to 20-30 people a group. Spaced apart! 🚹🚶🏾🚶🚶🚶🏾🚶🏽🛑🚹🚶‍♀️🚶🏾🚶🏾🚶🚶🛑
Bring signs and positive energy.
We can meet cross-county neighbors that we all have more in common with than not: we love our children, care about their educational experience and want to be involved in setting that experience.
We can work on testimony letters, too. 📝


Here is the flyer for the event: (click to view larger version)


I have added it to my calendar to attend and get some photos for the blog.

If there are other planned protest or support events…be sure to give Scott E’s Blog a heads up ( so I can cover those events as well.

Scott E

Article update: There is now a public Facebook event:

Article Update: There is now a posting / event on Nextdoor:


  1. Sure .. I am very against this stalinistic plan
    Next step should be peaceful multiple demonstrations sit ins infront of BOE

  2. You people in HoCo act like s poiled brats because of a little change Incase you dont know it the superintendent knows what hes doing or he wouldnt have the position he has
    Grow up

    • @condy, hey, is that you, Mr. Superintendent? You sound just like a Trump supporter. The emperor knows what he is doing, why we, his subjects, have to question him?? Lol.
      In all seriousness, it doesn’t sound like you are in HoCo, so maybe you have no skin in this game. Or maybe you DO care to learn why people are so up in arms against his proposal of redistricting, care to come to the rally and talk to some of the folks there? If not interested to learn or care, but still want to comment online, that just makes you a troll.

  3. Despite what you may think, the Columbia Mall is not public property. The management may have a big problem with a gathering like this which is not related to commerce and could hurt business. The shop owners and corporate anchors all pay rent and likely don’t want the mall to become a site where the public “unites”. Good luck with it.

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