Howard County Executive Calvin Ball joined C4 on his radio show on WBAL yesterday…did you miss it…here is a highlight:

To be honest…the show only got better from there…here is a link to the entire show:

Watch the video above…then fast forward the link above to about the 40:30 part of the show…that is where C4 gets real on the redistricting plan for Howard County (when HoCoExec Calvin Ball leaves the show) and his thoughts on the plan in general. It is something to listen to…and something some in our community will love and others will dislike….but he gets real about it all.

I am not going to tell you what to think about what was said on the show…I just hope you listen to it…and listen to all of it…and then make your own opinions. Some will agree with C4…others will disagree with him…and I literally can understand both sides. But it is a discussion worth listening to (in my opinion).

This redistricting process is being seen outside of our county…and that fact should not be lost on those advocating on either side of this issue.

Like the plan…advocate the right way…dislike the plan…advocate the right way…because it is being seen locally and regionally.

Scott E