HoCoBOE member Chao Wu is looking for community input on High School #13

Howard County Board of Education member Chao Wu recently posted “High School 13 school boundary” where he asks for community input on the plan(s).

He included a map with areas likely impacted by HS #13:

He also included the map of the proposed redistricting plan from HCPSS for 2020-2021:

If HS #13 is something of interest to you…and you want to provide direct input to a HoCoBOE member looking to hear from you…be sure to go read Chao Wu’s post and email him your thoughts.

Here is my thought (not that I have kids in the school system any longer…just something I hope is considered)…the one map that was distributed at the beginning of the “Boundary Review Process” showed a Sample High School #13 Boundary looking like this:

and if you look closely at the map:

it appears (on that map) as if some students living on Mission Rd would not attend that school. I am not even sure how that is possible…but that can not be the final plan. It would be VERY wrong to not include the area right around HS #13 in the final plan.

The above maps were noted as:

That is my 2 cents…again…have your own thoughts…reach out to the HoCoBOE members.

Scott E

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