The following was posted on Councilwoman Christiana Mercer Rigby Facebook page:

Last week, I joined Councilman Opel Jones and County Councilmember Deb Jung in pre-filing CR112-2019, a resolution supporting the Board of Education’s efforts to integrate Howard County Public Schools.

In recent years, achievement gaps have increased across our school system as schools have become increasingly segregated by socioeconomic status. It is vitally important that equity is prioritized as the School Boundary Review Process moves forward both this year and in future years.

We would love to hear your support for this resolution. You can contact the County Council by emailing and/or testify at the Council’s Public Hearing on Monday, September 16th.

You can read our full resolution below:


Here is that post with the images of the resolution:

I originally wrote about this CR back on August 22nd (Howard County Council Resolution CR112 calls on HCPSS to develop a plan to ensure schools are integrated by socioeconomic factors).

I have been reviewing the HCPSS Superintendent Presentation of Attendance Area Adjustment Plan and providing some high level summary details:

I know…I still have to break out the elementary school data…that will be coming before the end of the week.

My question is this…do the councilmembers that introduced this legislation believe that the proposed plan goes far enough to address “segregation by socioeconomic status” in the school system? I would think that they have to have some sort of opinion at this point…I hope they make their thoughts known publicly as they discuss this resolution.

What do you think? Is this resolution needed at this point now that we have the plan from HCPSS? Did the HCPSS Superintendent plan go far enough to address this issue?

Let me know in the comments.

Scott E


  1. I read this “we would love to hear your SUPPORT for this resolution.”
    So, it means, if someone doesn’t support it, please shut up? This makes me feel like I live in North Korea.

  2. Segregation based on socialeconomic status is undesired. But it would ok to bus kids from all corners, having them wake up early, spend more time on the bus and go to another school with kids who they probably will never have playdates because they are so far away, so the council members can “achieve” a social integration facade. Wonderful! You council members really solved the hard problems of social economic issue of the day. NOT! How about this idea, try to tackle the real issue that drives social economic imbalance, rather than spending all your time and our DOLLARS trying to busing kids around to “balance” out the numbers!

  3. I support it, we will be able to send our kids to River hill high school, we can’t afford the housing there, it is too expensive. But at least now I can send my kids. I would laugh at those guys who spend millions of dollars on house and have to send kids somewhere else. Let them taste how we have been suffering for so many years.

    • Everyone wants the best for their kids, even those who worked hard and bought the million dollar house. To take pleasure in others misery is not a virtue.

  4. Everyone wants the best for their kids, even those who worked hard and bought the million dollar house. To take pleasure in others misery is not a virtue.

  5. To be brutally honest, I don’t support it, my house is going to take a huge hit in value, and that’s my nest egg. I may even move out of the county to get away from this insanity.

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