The one candidate we have for Howard County Board of Education in 2020 made the following post on social media about the HCPSS redistricting plan:

The new HCPSS redistricting plan is “social engineering” and a “social experiment.” We are not polygons. Our communities are not polygons.

Too many moves. Too much triggered redistricting. In District 2 (Oakland Mills, Long Reach, Howard High areas) we can do better by structuring a more responsible budget that increases access to and provides resources that better addresses the achievement gap, high FARMs rates, etc in an area that has a high concentration of affordable housing.

The resolve is not this continuous triggered redistricting. The resolve is increasing resources and upgrading current schools by rebuilding our school budget as a multi-year & more responsible budget. Subsequently, we can alleviate overcrowding and continue family school traditions (being able to send your child where their family went to school and/or where you purchased your home)

While I do currently serve on the OMCA Board of Directors, I am not making this statement in that capacity. As a HCPSS parent, I believe redistricting happens far too much in Howard County. It’s engineered to heighten community divides – not to increase social interactions. No parent should ever be shamed for expressing their concerns about where they want their children educated. We should not then look at these expressions as a “hidden ugliness.”

I would like to see us MOVE away from moving our children from school to school because of a “triggered event” and instead increase community resources. Maybe we need to also adjust what are “triggered events”

I believe every school in Howard County is great. HOWEVER no parent is a RACIST for wanting their child to attend or not to attend any particular school for any reason. If for some reason we believe any school is not a “good” school let’s have our elected officials focus better investments into those communities.

Yes further concentrating an already highly concentrated area with more of the same is more likely the meaning of segregation – YET if we provided dedicated resources to address student needs in order to foster the best learning environments it wouldn’t matter how we draw the lines.

To Add:

A parent is not a racist for wanting their child to grow up in a certain place or to attend a particular school. We get nowhere for minority students fighting in their behalf over race.

I believe all students should have the best opportunity to take the higher/advanced placement courses. If we continue to single out our children by their ethnicity then nothing gets better.
I believe in fighting for all students, as a result we will yield much greater results for any student of any background that has otherwise been left behind, overlooked or counted out for any reason. Furthermore, as parents we have to do better by our children even if it means doing more


Before I get beat up for posting this information…when our county gets additional candidates for HoCoBOE running for office in 2020, I will be happy to cover their statements and actions as well…this is just what I have right now.

That being said…I am glad Larry Pretlow put out his thoughts on the proposed plan. We now know what he thinks…and as we move forward in the election….it is important to know what candidates think on important issues like this one (no matter if you agree with his opinions or not…it is important to know).

Scott E


  1. I agree. I currently live in one of the affected areas where its proposed that my elementary aged child could be bused to another school even though he is currently a walker. Makes no financial sense to me.

  2. Please also address the unrestricted building with no consideration of the infrastructure.Thank you for understanding the effects on families and especially children. Also Jump Start program was started last year which mobilized a lot of kids to alleviate over crowding.

  3. this is spot on… this proposal is noting short of socialism. It is very ironic that the predominantly Democratic (eastern) portion of the county is now (potentially) going to be affected by the same left wing agenda they have supported for years; suddenly they see the realities of this line of thinking, so something good might come from this proposal after all. Hopefully, it will not pass

  4. My spouse and I have read about 100 posts about school redistricting and this one stands out the most. It addresses the core problem of the proposal. Whether it’s taking away our freedom to choose as Americans or pitting Americans against each other by appealing emotionally on issue race issues. On the board’s twitter accounts, they have been referring to MLK quotes and relating them to their solution to sound noble. The noble solution is to increase resources, especially where we need them the most with high FARM schools and/or lower testing schools. Increasing teacher pay and adding Ed programs that the students will love. We should find ways to pay for these costs of course and I’m sure there’s a way. Is there anyway that you can start sooner than 2020?

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