I came across a new group on Facebook “Howard County Redistricting Opposition – Public” and read they had put out a notice of a protest of the redistricting plan this morning happening at River Hill HS. Here is the post I am referring to:

Monday, August 26th – Meet at River Hill High School circle at 8:30am. BRING the kids (particularly those who are affected by the redistricting plan)! ***Wear YELLOW clothing, if possible, because that is River Hill’s colors***

Dr. Martirano will be attending a pep rally inside the school and the goal of this protest is to make him aware that the residents are not supportive of his proposed redistricting plan, which will harmfully redistrict many children from their local communities across the county. Please share this post and spread the word — this is a short-notice gathering, but a very valuable first opportunity to send a strong message!!!

I had to be in the area this morning and thought I would swing by and get a few photos…here you go: (click image below to see all of the photos)


I would say there was between 150 and 200 people (that is my best guess) at this event while I was there. It also looked like additional media coverage from other sources (I saw another photographer and someone with a video camera) so keep an eye out for other news source covering what happened today.

Article update (because it has been asked) – The HCPD personnel onsite were there to let folks know that they could not protest on school grounds. That is what they are talking to folks about in those first few photos. Nothing bad happening. They were super polite and nice about it all…but were onsite because of the protest.

This is very probably not the last one of these we will see during the redistricting process between now and November 21st.

I talked with a few people at the event that told me of their concerns with the proposed plan (things like breaking up the community, longer bus rides and a number of other things on their mind in regards to this plan).

Check out the HCPSS Superintendent proposed redistricting plan here:$file/08%2020%202019%20Attendance%20Area%20Adjustment%20BR.pdf

The following public meetings with the Howard County Board of Education are coming up next month:

  • Tuesday, September 17, 7 p.m.
    • Families currently zoned for Centennial HS, Howard HS, Mt. Hebron HS, Oakland Mills HS
  • Tuesday, September 24, 7 p.m.
    • Families currently zoned for Atholton HS, Hammond HS, Long Reach HS, Wilde Lake HS
  • Thursday, September 26, 7 p.m.
    • Families currently zoned for Glenelg HS, Marriotts Ridge HS, Reservoir HS, River Hill HS

Scott E


  1. I’m sorry, but if you can’t see the direct parallels between the desegregation anti-bussing protests / riots and what’s going on in HoCo then you need to revisit the history. The protesters above are so tone-def they’re using the same signs and slogans ( I look forward to the HoCo version of the more inflammatory signs: “The Rich have Rights!” and “We won’t go to school with FARMS”. Apparently we’re Choosing Incivility in Howard County these days.

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