HCPSS Superintendent Presentation of Attendance Area Adjustment Plan

Did you catch the HCPSS Superintendent Presentation of Attendance Area Adjustment Plan yesterday? If not, you can watch the video here: https://hcpsstv.new.swagit.com/videos/31017

The discussions about redistricting the schools here in Howard County now gets very real.

Want to see the document presented lat night…here it is:  “This document contains comprehensive attendance area adjustments recommended for SY 2020/21. The Superintendent’s recommendation follows the presentation of options from the June 2019 Feasibility Study, outreach to community members through online and paper surveys, and review by the Attendance Area Committee. This boundary review process conforms with Policy 6010 School Attendance Areas.”


Here are the maps presented in the document for elementary, middle and high schools:




That is a good start for you. We all have a lot to dig though in the newly proposed plans.

I have some early questions…especially about the Atholton HS boundary lines and how it looks visually:

While some would prefer I ask no questions at all and just accept this plan…I will not do that…I will review the plans submitted and ask questions. That may not make me popular with SOME in our community…but I do not feel that asking questions is a bad thing. Asking questions is not opposition…it is just asking questions and trying to understand things proposed.

I am also VERY interested in hearing the plans for incoming juniors and seniors as part of this plan. Kids that have spent 2 or 3 years at a high school should not have to move to a new school because of the redistricting process (that is my own personal opinion). Based on a tweet by a member of our community that attended the meeting…there may be a concern with the cost of allowing those kids to stay in their schools:

Big props to Dawn Popp for live tweeting the presentation last night. She is the coolest for doing that for the community that could not attend or watch online.

Again…I have a lot more to look over before I go much deeper…but I highly recommend we all give it a look over the weekend and continue to ask questions…not oppose for no reason…but ask questions so we all better understand the proposals.

Scott E

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