Noted in the HCPD Crime log on August 16th:

Theft from vehicle/vehicle break-in

Ellicott City, 21043: 3100 block of Normandy Woods Drive, Aug. 16 12:51 a.m.

Police responded for a report of two male suspects entering vehicles. Police located the suspects with stolen items and arrested them.

ARRESTED: two juvenile males, 16 and 14, of Ellicott City, charged with theft from auto


Anyone else just plain tired of this stuff in the daily crime log locally (no blame on the HCPD…glad they tell us about it…but damn annoying that this is now the norm here in HoCoMD)? Anyone else tired of having their vehicle broken into (mine and my girl have both had it happen to us)? What in gods name are 14 and 16 year olds doing out at that time of the night?

We have a new(ish) County Executive…we have a new Chief of Police…I personally want to hear about a plan to address the crime here in Howard County. I want to know that they see what we see and are addressing it. I do not want to hear that we don’t have the problems of Baltimore City, PG County or Montgomery County…because that is ignoring the issue.

I did not want to have to buy cameras in the front and back of my home…but I have them now. On a side note…you should as well…they are kind of cool.

I know I am ranting this morning…but maybe if more of us do… something significant will come of it. One can hope.

Maybe I will run into Police Chief Myers at the “Women in Law Enforcement Career Fair” today. If so…I might ask the questions on my mind and see what comes of it. Not 100% sure I will make it out to the event…but if you are interested in a career in law enforcement locally (or in the state)…be sure to check it out.

Scott E